Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wipe Me Down

So I have been at the gym religiously (serious pilgrimage type stuff here) for a few months now, and on Monday nights they have a class that I had been dying to try. Of course I knew no one in the class, and that made me nervous. I would just look through the glass longingly at everyone having such a great time and think “I would love to do that…let me get my ass on the treadmill”.
So last week I ran into a friend from high school at the gym, and it turns out she had just finished taking the class I so desperately wanted to join, Latin Fusion. She told me what a great work out it was, and how I should try it with her one day. Well one day was last night and can I tell you that I am sorry I waited this long to get in on it. This is a no bullshit class. We are talking a solid hour of nothing but high intensity cardio masquerading as Latin dance. It was fun, it was difficult, it was painful, it was the best total body workout I have had in years.

The instructor is a lot of fun, and she really gets into the program with us, and everyone is just trying to keep up. I was covered in sweat after the second song, and I looked at my friend Erica and said “What the hell did I sign on for?” The hour flew though, and that hour was more like an hour and 15 min. I gotta admit that if it weren’t for my thighs threatening to give out, I would have kept going. I think you burn somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 calories in that class. She had great music choices and we never stopped moving.

On another note, it so weird that I am running into all these folks from high school again. People I haven’t seen or heard from in years. Folks who I basically forgot existed. Its so strange. I am not opposed to seeing folk from the past, frankly for some of them there are 14 + years that have gone by since we’ve seen each other, so its like getting to know people all over again. We spent a whole extra hour outside the gym chatting and catching up after the class. Life is really good like that sometimes.

So if you don’t know, my best friend Dia is getting married in August, and have a size 12 bridesmaid dress to get my fat ass into. I have designs on dropping at very least 20lbs before then. I have been on No White Stuff for a week and a half now but I went to the damn doctor today and they put my ass on the scale which was a total blower. I know I am smaller than that damn it! Anyway, if their scale is correct I have more like 25 lbs to lose, but between the intense work outs and the carb restrictions, I think I should make my goal by the end of July. Wish me luck folks!