Saturday, August 10, 2013


It's been a crazy week to say the absolute least. Between the anxiety insomnia and general unpleasantness of work stress I still managed to do the following: 

Have brunch with my homegirl after canceling several previous attempts to get together over the last 9 months. We decided to meet up at Jackson 20 in Alexandria. The drinks were awesome, the food was ehh. Oh and if you go skip the cheese grits. Those jokers were gray. The atmosphere would have been cool has there not been a loud ass party of 12 acting a whole fool behind us. It's noon people. I try not to be hood before 3pm, I suggest you try it too. 

Next up was the JT and Jay Z Suit and Tie concert in Baltimore. Not only did it take us forever to get there, but we parked so far from the stadium that it took another 20 min just to walk there. Had I know we would be parking in fucking Fells Point I would have skipped my 4 mile run that morning.The concert however was amazing. It was probably the best arranged, most organized show I have ever been to. The sound was great, the performances flowed and a good time was had by all. We weren't close to the stage but just judging by the photos some of my friends took from their seats I actually got us some damn good ones. It even rained during Cry Me a River (as if on cue) and we didn't care. I sang, I danced, I bounced and twerked and rapped every lyric to Tom Ford. We even made a friend or two. Of course it took a lifetime to get home but it was worth it. I am hoping when I take mom to see Beyonce in December we have a similar experiance.

Last night Erica and I went to Rogue 24 which is a very high end journey into molecular gastronomy. It was fan-fucking-tastic. We did chose the premium wine paring package and were bombed when we left. Seriously we stumbled down Blagden Alley and over to Mt. Vernon Square giggling in our sandals and sundresses drunk and full. Thank god for Metro or I would have been fly as hell with the Feds watching (2 Chainz) cause I was too done to drive.

Today I made the most kick ass potato salad to go with the salmon cakes that I have been procrastinating about making. Two kinds of potatoes, fennel, kosher dill pickles, onion and procciuto with a lemon-dijon dill aoli. In the words of a friend of mine "It's official". I definitely don't want to see any more wine till next week. Just the thought is making me get another glass of water. There were 4 wines and a digestivo (that I am tempted to call and identify) so i am liquored out. mental note: at some point I am going to have to get to those salmon cakes. 

Oh and one last thing. I fucking wigged out this week cause my feelings were hurt (I mean really girl, how old are you 12?). Fun tip, if you ever want to argue that you aren't crazy with someone, the last thing you should do is come completely unglued on them like an escaped mental patient. I am glad to know that the person who was on the receiving end of my unhinged ass rant didn't just write my crazy black ass off.

It was a misunderstanding (read: I am an oversensitive asshole) and now I feel like a jerk. My anxiety kicked into high gear and I just melted the fuck down. I am aready a damn bundle of sleep deprived nerves navigating uncharted territory and if I am honest, I am aware of why it happened. However, it warrants further introspection and probably an additional apology.

No, seriously, they should up my dosage...

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Every Single Night

My need to do anything other than clean or work has me channel surfing like a mad woman and lately this is all I do. I like things I can sort of half watch as I cook and drink or drink and cook or run on the hamster wheel before I cook.

I don't  think I have ever mentioned my inordinate love for Robert Downey Jr. Random right? Well I am watching the Avengers again. Such a complicated attraction I know. He isn't everyone's cup of tea but something about that man does it for me. Ever since the first Ironman I have been blissfully crushing on him. How is it possible for an individual to get better looking as they age? I could say the same of El Debarge (sans drug addiction) who seems preserved. RDJ spent enough of his time drugged out of his mind and playing man-child for several decades so maybe that's the key (I will stick to broad spectrum sunblock and red wine thanks). Suddenly he's back at damn near 50 and he is gorgeous?

Now I am sure he is short which would cross him off all my potential fantasy man lists but occasionally a short man might sneak through. T.I. is super short, he could get the business. Mark Wahlberg has gotta be short and he too could get it twice on Sunday. RDJ is it for me though. Maybe it's the Tony Stark swagger and confidence? Who knows really. I try not to assess my attractions at this rate. There is very little rhyme or reason to them these days. I am damn near 40 and I appreciate a good looking man when I see one and honestly, what's wrong with that?

Housekeeping: I'm engaged (wedding is in 2014 people). Don't get sensitive if you aren't invited. We are broke and those procciuto wrapped asparagus aren't gonna pay for themselves. Next, I am a size 8 again. That's what the jeans say so I am gonna go with it. My hair is longer than it has been in two decades and its driving me nuts. Oh and I love Orange is the New Black on Netfilx. Watch it, seriously. I have more to say but I will just keep all that to myself right now. Expect all kinds of crazy updates soon.