Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sweet Escape My Ass

Would someone please explain to me what is going on with Gwen Stefani? I mean, I didnt discuss it when she went on the AMA's dressed like a gold lame Gretel, but I probably should have addressed it right then and there. Can I just have a moment of silence for the girl who made me sing "Trapped in A Box?"

Okay I am better now, but seriously someone hit me up. Call me, email me drop me a line and explain to me how you use a sample from the sound of music and yodel on your first single? I know she is trying to be edgy, I know that she is working with "lemme sing your hook" Skateboard P. but was there no one with the nuts to tell her that this was crazy?

Wind it Up is about the scariest single since that Popozao debacle FedEx put out. I really wanted to love it, and I wanted to support Gwen on her second solo outing, but when she broke into the yodling I stopped feeling bad about hating "Hollaback Girl". I am starting to fear that having that baby has robbed her of all common sense. I mean poor little Kingston, listening to his mommy yodel on record and thinking "Daddy better get Bush back together or we are screwed". At least thats what I would be thinking about now.

Then last night she was back on my damn TV on the Billboard awards in that one-piece gingham overall set with a live fucking sheep. I seriously have no words.


Mikostinko said...

You know some folks don't understand what makes them famous. Granted Gwen is an incredibly attractive gal and she can sing. But what sent her to famedom is No Doubt, the fabulous songwriting, the magic blending of the individuals making up the band. On her own it's not the same and man does the songwriting suck.

Ashburnite said...

I really like her, but yeah....I think she needs the rest of her band back. They must have been her reality check. And ooohh....Bush getting back together? that only happens in my dreams. I miss the days of good (and good looking) rock bands.

bmorecutie said...

I looked at the screen and was like "what in the sam hell is wrong with her". I understand she has always had a unique style but come on Gwen ..... this is too much.

themakeupgirl said...

HAHAHA! Gavin better get Bush back together huh....LOL. I don't hate the song....but it is weird as hell. I am hoping the rest of it is better.

Aulelia said...

i think she does try and outdo herself but sometimes a bit too much. in my little opinion, she should just take a step back and calm down for a second. and maybe things will come more naturally.