Friday, May 29, 2015

Blank Space

What can or should I say about the last 5 months? There's been triumph and tragedy and joy and sorry and new friends and obstacles. What can I say? I can start with the good. My son is doing well in school, I love my husband and our marriage, I am officially an SGI Budhist and I am employed and finishing my last 8 credits. All of these things and my wonderful friends and family are great. The other shit... I am tired all the time, and broke. I have possibly the most unhappy person on the planet as my boss and I am fat cause I can't work out between the two jobs and school. If that weren't enough my dad has the remainder of his kidney removed in October due to another tumor, resetting his transplant clock to two years at the one year and 5 month mark. Devastating news for us all and before he can heal up we get the crazy news that mom has breast cancer. So one week out from intense chemo for what we thought was stage 1 but after surgery turned out to be stage 3, we are just trying to make the best of it all. For her, cause not to sound cliche but why the fuck her? Granted, if it's gonna be someone, Cancer picked the toughest bitch available. My momma wasn't built with any quit in her. So even though I know it's gonna be bumpy, she is gonna fight. You know those Internet memes that say stuff like "I was built for this shit?" That's mom. She possesses a mental toughness that most regular folks haven't ever seen. So fuck that Cancer. In the words of my husband. "If you see my mother in law in a fight with a bear, you better go help the bear." I will figure out how to feel about all this later. When I am less tired and my folks are healthy and I don't have a demon for a boss.

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