Monday, November 20, 2006

NEWSFLASH: Racism Alive and Well In America

Yeah I am sure yall are shocked right?

Well guess what I was actually taken aback by this one. Michael Richards, the comedian who played Kramer on Seinfeld lost his mind on Friday during his stand up routine at The Laugh Factory in West Hollywood. Apparantly, he was being heckled by some black guys in the audiance, and I guess comedians dont get heckled anymore or something, because he came completely unglued (or as I like to call it, showed his true colors) and started screaming and calling them niggas. Take a look for yourself.

There was mass confusion apparantly because he must have been in the middle of his act when he decided to scream that and I quote "50 years ago we'd have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass." Hmm, did he just advocate lynching two people who paid to see his show? I mean someone spell it out for me cause I am obviously too stupid to see how that could mean anything other than lynching.

Then he proceeds to go off with a stream of "niggers" and "motherfuckers" that made my jaw drop. Folks started getting real upset in the audiance and the two guys proceed to leave. The guys start screaming at him on the way out, which for all intents and purposes seemed pretty mild to me. Most folks would have charged the stage and stomped the life out of him. These guys started name calling back. Richards tried unsuccesfully to make light of it by saying "They're going to arrest me for calling a black man a nigger" but the damage was done, and folks were rolling out in droves.

Now, I personally never watched Seinfeld all that much. Mainly cause I figured I had other shit to watch in the same time slot, but it wasnt personal. I guess there are still a ton of folks who have us laughing every day that would just love to lynch us if we got out of pocket. Yes ladies and gents racism is still alive and we still have a long way to go.


themakeupgirl said...

W H O A! I am speechless.

DotSpot said...

i was so shocked but not really, i mean racisim never died.

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable. It just goes to show that racism is still there under the veil of political correctness.

Kramer's Racist Rant

Juicy77 said...

It was like he had been saving those comments up for yeeeeaars - just waiting for the chance to spew hate. Though I know racism still exists - having been called a nigger in my lifetime - I was just shocked it came from him for some reason.

Avin said...

I think if you have the ability to say those types of things at full volume in a room full of people then they were always in you.

He just seemed way too comfortable saying it like it was something he had done and said more than once.

Not only that but to be a professional comedian and not be able to withstand some heckling is just crazy. That is a part of your job and "I took it badly" is the understatement of the year.

Mikostinko said...

I am beginning think that racism is not only alive and well, that it has been in fact festering. You can make people aware that they can't say certain things in public but no matter what we do, we unfortunately cannot change what people think in their small little minds.

It's shame that such a celebrated "cool" show will forever be tainted now with this ugliness

Peggy Brunache said...

I think most of us weren't shocked that he'd say that. I was shocked that he was so STUPID to say it out loud in public, repeatedly. As for the fake-ass apology on Letterman--in many ways, far worse than the racist event. The comedy club incident was from his heart. The apology was forced-- just so Jerry Seinfeld doesn't lose too much revenue off the "Seinfeld Season 7" dvd sales. Cause guess what, ya' just dropped today. Seinfeld doesn't want his money messed with.

field negro said...

Good point Peggy; the shock is, that he said what he felt out loud. Everyone knows that white people are pros at covering up how they really feel. So when something like this happens, it always shocks them that one of them can be so stupid!

And of course there is the naive black folks who still believe that racism doesn't exist.