Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Its Audition Time People

So somehow I managed to miss the whole first hour of SYTYCD auditions! I don't know what the hell I was doing really. Anyway, the chicanery has already begun! Benji's damn sister has entered the competition. What did I say last week??? NO RINGERS and I already smell a fix! Not only that, but that fucking munchkin Shane Sparks is back with his bullshit You Got Served With The Lollipop Guild choreography bullshit. Then I see Wade Robeson's ass which I guess means he doesn't care that they stole this entire idea from him when he created the Wade Robeson Project back in 2003 on MTV but hey who is counting.

Let me tell you, the auditions are pretty wack too, and of course you would expect that to happen, its auditions. You get 30,000 fucked up auditions and like 20 good ones. Some of the folks are just fuckin crazy. Question, where do all these damn itty bitty shorts come from? Are they draws? Are they spandex? I mean seriously where do they come from? Furthermore, those shorts aren't made for minorities. I always see them on little girls with no booty, but never anyone ethnic. Ethnic peoples have ass parts, and more ass parts as they get closer to 30, so those shorts wherever they originate from, are beyond my comprehension. Seriously someone, tell me about the shorts though, cause I don't fuckin get it.

Remember it comes on Wednesday...and would someone please remind my ass cause I cant remember shit.

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