Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mexico Don't Want It With Oprah

Trust me when I say it. If you missed it, last night during the Miss Universe Pageant, live from Mexico, the contestant representing the USA Rachel Smith, fell during the evening gown portion of the show. She was already in the top ten and they were narrowing it down to 5. When they finally cut the last 5 girls, Ms. Mexico was amongst the cut and Ms. USA was in the final 5. That's when the block got hot and shit started getting thick.

Suddenly the audience starts booing Ms. USA during her final question. I am not talking about a few hecklers, I am talking full on boos and hisses and shit. I half expected some "1996 Source Awards" shit to occur. Even the hosts were looking mad uncomfortable. I gotta hand it to Rachel though, homegirl was poised and unshaken by the rude ass boos. That being said, she came in 4th runner up and Ms. Japan won the crown.

Though news outlets are trying to pretend like the booing was about Mexico's disagreement with the immigration situation and American policy, I really don't think its that damn deep. If you are on your home turf and you are ignorant as fuck, and they don't pick your representative over the chick that fell, then your ghetto ass boos. Its that simple, its like the kid who didn't win prisoner ball and now wants to take his ball home.

What Mexico failed to realize in their rush to boo Rachel Smith was that she is a close, personal friend and former intern of non other than Oprah "The Winfrey". Oprah is more powerful than Zeus and richer than god, and she has the contacts, the media access and the strength to wake up on a Monday, and sell a country Tuesday, trust and believe. Mexico doesn't want it with Oprah. Rachel Smith went to the South African Girl's School with Oprah and a cast of other celebrities last year so its not like they just know each other in passing Not only that, but maybe no one else is privy to the info but my guess is OW isn't going to take kindly to them booing a black woman on International TV, one that she personally knows and supports.

Sure she might not do anything. She might not even say anything, but don't you wonder if last night while laying in bed with Steadman, watching that shit go down she didn't lower her reading glasses and give Steadman the side-eye and say "Meet me at the border...its going down" ala Young Joc? Shit, there are a whole lot of folks that I don't particularly think its a safe bet to fuck with, but on the top of my list is OW. She looks like she would shank and shush a motherfucker in a heartbeat. Don't be surprised if that border fence is built within the week, you know she could get buck and have Steadman, Dr. Oz, Gayle, Rachel Ray, Bob Greene, out there kickin Mexicans back over the border while Nate Berkus builds the fence out of bamboo and gingham print.

I am just saying it could happen, Mexico if you see Oprah chillin in her beamer, listenin to Ether....you might wanna make for the hills.


Anonymous said...

HAHA! This is a funny post. Acurate too.

DotSpot said...

Mexico don't want war with Oprah! She hands out cars like she's divying up candy. . .she's giving people houses and building schools for kids! They dun messed up now, ain't no school for you. . .YOU DON'T GET A CAR!

The DJs WIFE said...

This was pretty funny! Prisoner ball and the gingham check/bamboo quotes are...CLASSIC. I laughed my ass off.

On the subject, ummm...yeah, OW is not the one to mess wit.