Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Live Fast and Die Young

Yeah I know, just go on and give me the "where the fuck you been" look and lets keep it moving. My life is busy. Yes I say that every time I reemerge and peep my head out to type a few lines on this thing. Truth is truth, I am busy. Okay I am not THAT busy but I do have another new job that I am attempting to learn and another boatload of fun responsibilities. The good news is that with the exception of my roommate's funny money situations fucking up the Internet payments nothing should prevent me from getting on here and typing out the equivalent of a hot 16. Or a lukewarm 16 whatever.

Things are good I guess. I mean my job is some craziness but its a damn sight better than that place I was before. I think I may have actually harmed someone there if I had to stay any longer. The boy is a senior now. Still driving me insane, still doing dumb shit but now he does dumb shit with a beard. He is lazy as shit and I spend more time fussing at him about doing things than he actually spends doing the thing I fuss at him about. He is still a good kid though, he is just a boy. I expect this kind of behavior out of boys at this age.

Who knew back when everyone was looking down on me for being an unwed teen mother that my son might actually grow up and graduate from high school with college aspirations? Oh and fuck every last one of you who talked shit about me or acted like my IQ went down for having a baby at 17. I still see some of you bitches around town and I hope you enjoy being fat...again fuck you.

That said, I have a new roommate. There are too many things I want to say about that but I just cant get myself worked up on that level right now. Unless I gave birth to you, purchased you or married you there wont be anyone else living with me ever again. I am not stable and I cant take it. People talking to me in the morning, suggesting shit, moving things, not paying for shit. Too much uh uh nope cant do it.

So you know there is a man lol. I haven't had much success talking about men on this thing so I wont. He is wonderful that's all Imma say, and I love his dog. They both make me very happy and keep me from going to jail. Its nice.

Other than that you know the drill. Dieting as usual (I am beginning to think that's all you do after 30) paying bills, and making observations about the world around me. We have to talk about football this season and my exit from that place of employment. We MUST talk about some of my favorite shows like DWTS and Glee as well as Hawaii 5-0 and this season's Ultimate Fighter. We need to discuss some of the garbage that's hit the airwaves since I disappeared and some of the good stuff and great concerts Ive been to this year. We also have to talk about the serious stuff too like politics, race and parenting.

But mostly, we just have to talk and not run 100 miles an hour. No more living fast and dying young lol.

They say we can't be livin' like this for the rest of our lives
Well, we gon' be livin' like this for the rest of tonight
And you know they gon' be bangin' this shit for rest of our lives
So live fast and die young, live fast and die young, live fast and die young

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