Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You're either slingin crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot...

Boiler Room, my favorite money movie. Yes I categorize them. Just like Leaving Las Vegas is my favorite love story, and Kill Bill Vol 1. is my favorite action flick I love Boiler Room.
The line above is actually credited to the late Biggie Smalls, who had the misfortune of being killed on my 21st birthday. One of these years, I am gonna be fortunate enough not to hear "you know they killed Biggie today?"

So, as the movie starts, Seth (Giovanni Ribisi) is on a bus with the other would be stock broker types on their way to a fun night in the city. Fun being hookers, dice and cocaine if you weren't aware. Basically, he says it in reference to the idea that everyone has a gimmick, and no one wants to work for their money anymore.

"There's no honor in that afterschool job" - Seth (Boiler Room, 2000)

I bring up boiler room for this reason. I need a fuckin gimmick! I gotta get the hell out of this dead end, no good, fake boss 1&2, ADD boss having nightmare! I need to be hockin shit on the street or swinging from a pole, cause I am seriously considering doing some of the shit I've seen on Forensic Files.

If I don't get out of this place soon I am gonna need anti-psychotics. This morning, my boss pissed off the only Inn keeper on the Eastern Shore willing to give his bastard ass 6 rooms, lunch, meeting space, dinner and breakfast. Now I gotta spend the day cleaning up his fucking mess and apologizing to probably the nicest lady on the planet. Thanks fucker, way to start my Wendnesday!

In addition, Metro....How do you get on a train at 8am smelling like 7pm? Wash your asses people! My ipod can drown out your incessant yammering, but not your funky hot garbage smell.

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