Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TUF Episode 3

Yeah I know, I am a week late but I got super busy with some real life shit and couldn't seem to edit and post this thing. Anyway, for those who care lets recap.

Baszler/Pena is over and even though Rousey is still pissed, Tate returns to the house with a milkshake for Pena and cake for Baszler. I still cant tell if Miesha is this caring coach or she is trolling us. In the words of El Debarge, time will reveal. Pena is floating around the house on cloud nine and as such she is sporting a British accent. The guys seem irritated by the faux accent she is rocking. Particularly Gutierrez. I don't know if I would dig it but dude is an ass.

So, Rousey still seems really obsessed with the Tate thing. She immediately gives a speech before practice about wining and losing and growing and maintaining. It's directed at Beal cause we all know he is hurt and despite the jacked hand "Crazy Eyes" is definitely game to fight Holdsworth. I am not however digging his need to keep this a standup fight. I don't know how confident he is with his Jiu Jitsu but its gonna take more than some boxing with a busted hand to win. 

So now the guys on team Tate (lead by Bollinger) are accusing Julianna of telling team Rousey about the intended girls match ups. First they tell Tate, then they confront Pena directly. It makes sense since Pena's already fought and she immediately deflected to Roxanne but I cant figure out how she would even know and the guys don't have proof. Pena isn't budging. 

Holdsworth tells the story of his black belt brother that passed. So far I can't tell who is going to win from the taping but that may change. These kids are already experiencing some serious ass withdrawal. Its only a few weeks in yet they stay trying to hook up. Could y'all focus on the fighting please? I bet if you win there will be plenty of stray ass at your disposal.

The girls on Team Rousey are now chatting about the "leak" and it turns out that the supposed list leak went to Jessamyn but she tells her team that she doesn't have a clue who they are matching. She also tells them that Bollinger told her that even if she doesn't know, it gives him an opportunity to go on Pena. SMH, y'all stay with the secondary BS don't you?

Beal tells the story about his cancer battle and he too has a brother he lost to gun violence. He wants this fight and he is cool and confident but so is Holdsworth. I am gonna go on record and say this is a boring episode. There is a lot of internal BS going on in the house and very little focus on the training.

I guess cabin fever has gotten the better of both teams (or its a calculated reality TV set up) and they all go to Red Rock and have a party. Rousey takes this opportunity to stir the pot and comes to stand a little to close to Tate's boyfriend. Now they are beefing, something about Rousey not being able to hit pads or even throw punches. Rousey sidebars to a discussion about her respect for Tate as a fighter but how she has zero fucks to give for either she or Caraway personally. This particular incident is fueled by the fact that Tate's man Caraway tweeted something about breaking Rousey's teeth out of her mouth on Twitter the night before their title fight. Edmond Tarverdyan is NOT about that life and he tells him that too. It didn't escalate, mainly because Caraway is apologetic about the tweet but make no mistake Tarverdyan wants to kill him. Tate sits back and says that since it happened so long ago and Caraway apologized, she should drop it. I don't agree with the tweet, but I do feel like Rousey has to get out of her feelings about that. Its just giving Tate what she needs to keep winning.

So the team Tate dudes, egged on by Gutierrez are having a ball with a letter that Pena wrote to Holdsworth. He is clearly DTF but shouldn't he be worried about the fight? FOH people. Fight first, genitals later.
I am starting to feel like Beal is letting his mouth is write a check his ass can't cash. Seriously, this Chris vs Chris fight has me vexed. Beal is doing his rendition of "started from the bottom" and Holdsworth is on some "if you can dream it you can achieve it." Hell I don't know which one of you is gonna take it. 

Round one. First whole minute they test each other. Holdsworth gets Beal down but not for long. Kid is elusive and he knows the mat isn't his friend. Midway through the round Holdsworth sticks Beal one good time with a straight right and he drops. Gave him the opportunity to submit the kid and hands Rousey her second team loss. Beal is crushed. Again, I am not totally surprised. I wasnt digging his complete lack of ground game and intense fear of the mat. Where is your Jiu Jistu honey? Anyway, this loss Rousey takes in stride (or at least that's the face the camera was shown, and the next fight is called up. Tate picks Nerdy Ninja Roxanne Modafferi to fight Singlemomanator Jessica Rakoczy. Something tells me this fight is going to be hard won and super emotional. 

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