Thursday, September 12, 2013

TUF Rousey / Tate: Episode 2

Week two starts with the fighters getting comfy in the house. Some folks are all about business and others are like party time! Gutierrez is doing the most with his "she wants me, and she wants me" routine. No one is here for all that pal. Have a seat.

There is already a discussion about whether or not the guys should roll with the girls at 100%. Tim Gorman is representing in classic jack hole fashion. He set me wrong when he referred to them as females so already he isn't my favorite. Shayna Baszler seems particularly incensed by his cave man bullshit especially because she is a contender, 10 years in, wrestling family, yeah girl we know. Here comes the obligatory chat about the first fight, and as much as I like Julianna she seems shook about it. Oh, and Tate brought her damn boyfriend. He apparently is a part of the coaching staff. So while Tate has the gym she notices that Tim Gorman is struggling. He states that he has a MFing torn hamstring. Seriously dude you wanted to act like you were too tough to roll with Baszler? Fuck outta here.

6pm rolls around and Rousey is marching in evicting folks. Tate seems annoyed by Rousey coming into the gym with her people loud and wrong but Rousey states off set that its basically psychological warfare. She also says that it's easy to be responsible for herself and fail, but letting her team down is her greatest fear. 

Of course we are back to watching Shayna and I am already tired of her bragging. Confidence is one thing. The constant shit talking is another and the Rousey team girls are just gassing her. This " doesn't deserve to breathe the same air and shes not the one" shit is tiresome. I still think she will win it, her striking is good, her Jiu Jitsu is stellar but I am not digging how they are so focused on her bragging. It's like foreshadowing and TUF is good for that. It would be just like Dana to get the #1 contender, coached by Rousey knocked off in week two. Commercial break and since this show has me hyped I dubbed TUF night as arm night. I have a fancy new 15lb kettlebell and a new compression sleeve.

So after the break Dana states that an MRI shows that Gorman has a detached muscle, not your average hamstring injury and he is being sent home. They bring back Fissette who was good but not great. Ehh we will see how it goes. We are now at the weigh in and Baszler is up to some swagger BS with her nickname card trick garbage. Didn't look like Rousey found it funny. How these folks are fighting at 135 is just astonishing to me. Like I would need an intravenous drip and a gurney. Once, as an adult human I was 140lbs and I looked like a bobble head doll. The idea of fighting someone at 5 lbs lighter than that is unfathomable.

So Baszler is now getting her hair cornrowed. I didn't realize they had an on site hair braider. Where the do that at and what does that pay? Chatter chatter more constant talk about how she is gonna win. Honestly, I now think Juliana is gonna win and now Ronda has bought into this BS. Jesus...can we get on with the fight? 

Here we go, two five minute rounds. They touch gloves and Mazzagotti gets them rolling. Pena looks good and massively underestimated. Early in Baszler gets a weak rear naked choke but Pena gets out. This fight is gonna be on the mat, trust me. Baszler has some great submission attempts all of which Pena gets out of. I still feel like she wasn't bargaining for this much of a fight. She IS the queen of side control though. Not so sure about spades. GSP commercial and more arms for me. I mean what else am I gonna do? 

Round two starts and since the girls were all "oh how early in round 1 are you gonna snuff Pena out" all that tough talk is gone. Pena seems gassed but she is NOT giving up. She is swinging for the fences and fighting like her life depends upon it, which honestly with Baszler, it might. Baszler is still built Ford tough cause she is eating some heavy hits early in the round. She definitely has a chin then oops, Shana just eats a knee and her nose is pouring and now she is in a very unenviable position a very deep rear naked choke. Hooks in...and she taps. Wow. So, I called this right?

Tate is siced, Rousey is blown and Dana is pleased as punch (of course) and Baszler is crushed. I don't think this one fight is enough to tarnish her rep, I mean anyone can have a bad match. Happens to the best of them. Rousey is sick with grief and takes Tate's celebration as a pointed jab at Shayna's loss. She is NOT happy, and she lets Tate know. Tate picks the second fight and its Holdsworth/Beal but honestly only cause Beal's hand is hurt. It's strategic but its a sucka ass move and Ronda is even more irritated. Previews do NOT look pleasant. Good shit people!

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