Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Recently I have realized that amongst some circles I am not well liked. To this I say Good! I am sorry, let me clarify if I might. In the words of Fantasia "I'm feeling a little wavy, so right now I don't mind pulling your card".

Fuck your dog ass, turnip shaped husband and his bitch ass friends and your drag queen looking, hooker ass homegirl who don't fucking know me and her ratchet, horrible ass makeup and eyebrow game.

Fuck your lying, smiling, shucking and jiving, never available always lying, ain't about shit probably married ass boyfriend. No one believes him and he should get cancer.

Fuck your coworking bitch ass, and your cry baby, dirty clothes wearing, idiot fucking, lame ass best friend.

Fuck you and your gossiping commiserating with the aforementioned dog ass husband on Facebook cousin and your punk ass manipulative, passive aggressive linkedin stalking ass.

Fuck you, your mammy, your homegirls and your bitch ass, hut dwelling baby daddy for thinking you all matter and for ungratefully mooching off me like a goddamn parasite for years.

Eat two dicks with your ugly pig looking fat ass and your new Philly freeway lookin husband with your shitty no sense having ex-wife ass.

Catch a brick with your woah is me soft, old, no sense having, disease ridden, bitch made "my wife doesn't understand me" please get the fuck outta here ass.

Triple fuck your absentee ass and ya inbred looking, future third exwife and your tribe of barefoot, backwoods stupid ass, recessive gene sporting, hydrocephalus having progeny.

Fuck your disrespectful two baby momma, basement dwelling fail ass and your shady get rich quick parents. 

This is your last mention on this blog. I hope you all climb something high, get up a running start and aim for something sharp on the pavement. All of you go kill yourselves. You are welcomed. 

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