Friday, December 13, 2013

Good Eats

My inordinate love of food has been pulling me to new places all over town recently. The thing about new places is that when they are good, you almost don't know how to behave. Case in point, you hear about or get the scoop on someplace obscure. You find out that their food is amazing and then the dilemma sets in. If you scream from the mountaintops that you love the place will you ever get a seat there again? Will the quality of the food suffer under the weight of the new customers? Or do you simply keep quiet so you can have all of their delicious food to yourself and run the risk of having the business shut its doors due to lack of traffic? I honestly have no idea what to do in those situations. Right now I am sitting on two fabulous places that I want to reccomend (and I will, give me a min damn) to the world but I know that the more folks I tell, the more people will box me out of a table. Ah well let me just give folks their props.

Cafe Rue in Beltsville

Awesome place, awesome chef, unbelievable food. Seriously, I went with the fiance last week and I havent stopped thinking about the food since we left. In my quest to remain out of the fatgirl catagory (until the wedding) I cant just go traipsing up there any old time I please getting fat off the best chicken and waffles in the entire area. No seriously, you can quote me on that. Never, have I had such amazing, crispy, juicy deep-fried goodness paired with a light and crispy waffle in my entire life. This man has the whole game right. I had the Sriracha chicken and waffle and soon to be husband had the Chicken and Red Velvet waffle. I seriously had trouble finishing it all. Home made hotsauce, pecan butter, just extraordinary goodness of the highest order. I will go back as much as my waistline allows, and I encourage you to do the same. No, go like right now.

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