Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Oh, oh, collard greens...

Thanksgiving was good. Quiet as hell thanks to an entire faction of the family being missing this year. Shit works for me. Less dishes to clean less sweet potatoes to cook. I am full and contemplating the why's of society.

I had a very busy night at job 2 yesterday and some interesting convo with a coworker. A kid basically. He might be two years older than my kid but he is pretty smart. Good head in his shoulders. I bring this up to mention that I realty think I was some sort of Jewish matchmaker in a former life.

The way I understand it is that the act of matchmaking in the Hebrew faith is called The Shidduch. The way I understand it this comes from a recommendation from family members, friends or others who see matchmaking as a mitzvah, or commandment. I am always attempting to pair like minded love minded souls which I thing might be residuals of a past life. Anyway, the kid. He needs a girlfriend and I think I might be able to help him. The terrible little two-toned skunk hair little girl that spends all her time trying to get with him is not the right one. This heffa had on all cammo errything yesterday. Shameful and tragic. I will spend some amount of time attempting to find him a suitable mate. Not too much mind you, but I can see that the pool he is wading in now is very shallow.

Outside of that I watched the TUF finale Saturday night. I was not shocked by any of it honestly. I figured Julianna would win against Rakoczy and though I didnt want it to happen I saw Holdsworth winning against Grant. Nothing was surprising about either fight. 

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