Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Trying Harder...Day 1

So, in an effort to get my shit together on this blog thing, I have decided its a good idea to address each of the topics that I brought up in "I'm Terrible" over the course of a few days, or until I get tired and Pork Rind gives me more of her work to do. Oh and YES I will be discussing Ms. Carey and her fashion or lack thereof, but not in this particular posting. Here is the letter I just wrote to the Devine Ms. O. or as we underlings call her Oprah. I wanted to say something about the Legend's Ball/Weekend special that was on Monday night. Oh and a big fuck you to Dubya for making me wait an entire week to see it so he could talk about shooting the immigrants back into Mexico. Anywho, here's the letter.

Dear Oprah,

I wanted to write and let you know how much your Legend's special meant to me. I am going to try not to cry as I write this, since I am about to go into a meeting in a minute. I was moved to tears from the moment your guests started arriving. Not only was I in awe of the legends, but I was inspired by the "Youngins" you chose to carry on and continue their traditions. I was most pleased to see that black women of all colors were represented, because being a light skinned black woman, I think that sometimes people don’t consider us "black enough". I don’t mean you Oprah, I just mean sometimes black folks have a tough time recognizing other black folks as black. I am beginning to ramble, but I just wanted to let you know how inspiring and amazing your special was and I feel like the world got to see that black women really do love each other, and we really do want to see each other succeed. Thank you so much and I hope you put the special on DVD so that we may all watch it again and again.

I wanted to tell her how some of them crab ass hating bitches on the board were talkin shit about it and how these triflin ho's are the reason I felt like I had to write the letter in the first place, but I wasnt trying to put a negative spin on the situation. I also should have asked about getting a copy of that picture they took, but I thought that would surely land my letter into "File 13". Well gotta go, Lost is on tonight and I plan to discuss all of the crazy quirks, turns and general scary bullshit I watched when I log on tomorrow.

Oprah's Lemon Martini's for everyone! See ya!

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