Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rescue Me Spoiler Alert!!

Okay so if you watch Rescue Me last night you were as floored as I was by Janet's "New Boyfriend" and if you didn’t see it stop reading right now and keep it moving cause I am about to tell it.

Not O'Reily!! How she gonna be sleeping with O'Reily?? (I refuse to call Dean Winters by his Rescue Me name just like I refuse to call Adebisi "Mr. Eko" on LOST. Everyone from OZ keeps their old name. Det. Stabler is always going to be Keller and Johnny Gavin is always going to be Ryan O'Reily)

So how about that shit! Talk about a twist. I think Tommy is going to lose his mind once he finds out. Basically, O’Reily has privileged information and not to mention he is practically Tommy’s confidant. I can’t figure out who I am more disgusted by, Janet or O’Reily. The funny part is the kids seem to be completely cool with it, cause they aint telling Tommy shit. Tommy can kiss that “future sobriety” mess goodbye. First the priest brother with the predilection for young boys, now your other brother is screwing your wife/ex-wife. Not to mention your whacked out sister (Tatum O'Neal) is banging that dumb ass co-worker boy Garrity. Tommy gets a hold of that info (which it looks like he might just do per the "tune in next week" part of the show last night) Garrity is a dead man. I seriously love this show, but I gotta admit there are a few shows I missed last season, so I am all out of the loop on how Sheila got away from the abusive Lesbo, and I don’t really know why the hell Laura is gone either. Thanks to my trusty Tivo, that will never happen again.

Oh I almost forgot, before I watched RM, I watched Last Comic Standing. Some of those folks are hysterical. Others…not so much. I am rooting for a few whose names I can’t remember at this very moment, but if they make it through the next round I’ll mention them here. The redhead with the whore joke is worth mentioning for sure. Get this, I see Michael Collier as one of the hopefulls and he doesn’t get picked? What the fuck is that? That guy is on my TV set every night on ComicView. Who would have guessed a show on BET doesn’t pay well? Imagine that.

Well I wish I had more to discuss, but that was the highlight of my evening.
Later people.

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