Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stop Snitchin

Why is there always one office snitch? You know the one. The one girl who is always listening to your conversation, or the guy who claims not to like several people in the office and then you see them chatting out in the hall. Well every office has one. Call them the big mouth, call them the gossip, I just call em, office snitch.

There is one particular person in my office who stays dry snitchin every day. How do I know? Well this particular snitch is always minding everyones business other than their own. They are quick to say what you have been doing all day but you cant even figure out what they been up to. They are always sneeking looks at your damn computer screen, or listening in on your phone conversations. My snitch always smiles just as I catch them ear hustling its very unnerving.

Today the snitch was actually hold up behind closed doors with a person that the snitch has on MANY occasions said they cannot stand. They have spent countless hours complaining about said individual, but thats not really important because the snitch hates EVERYONE. Or at least they think that no one is working as hard as they are. Then you see them pop up talking to the higher ups, or kissing butt. Its not like the higher ups dont know that who the office snitch is, but I guess they have to entertain all that nonsense just to be fair.

After commiserating with the one person they talk the most shit about, the snitch quickly switched gears and started bitching about someone else with them standing not 20 feet away. That's a pretty damn bold move, I mean what if the person overheard them? Where I come from, that shit will get you hurt or beat down in the parking lot after dark. I couldnt figure out if the snitch was out to gather more information on the person or to find out more alleged dirt about others. Anyway it was unsettling, and I started thinking about that whole ghetto nonsense with the "Stop Snitchin" T-shirts which is nothing like this but did make me giggle just a little. What if I printed up a whole mess of those shirts with the big red stop sign except they looked like this:

So what do you think? You could customize your company in the blank. I wonder if the office snitch would wear one? Probably just wait to see who wears it and run and tell the boss.


Ashburnite said...

ooohh..our office snitch is actually the executive assistant. She's also the "supply nazi," and will tell your boss if you take more than 1 damn pen. She snitched on me last summer because I wasn't wearing pantihose.

but, it definitely helps that absolutely no one likes or trusts the snitch. They have no friends.

Avin said...

What is the deal with that? You dont get a prize for telling on folks, I mean what does it get them???

Anonymous said...

Our office snitch is the bookkeeper and she's like in her 60s and is snob. I don't even like to talk to her but she does payroll...


Jessica said...

Quick question, and unfortunately has nothing to do with office politics or snitches, but rather your name. Is Avin your real name, I ask because I am considering it as the name for my new baby girl due in September. My son (5yrs)came up with the name out of the blue and I am growing to like it very much. Is it of the Mandarin language? I ask because we currently live in Taiwan and he goes to a local school and is fluent in Mandarin. Can you tell me the meaning/ origin?