Thursday, October 24, 2013

It Wont Stop

No TUF update this week. We got some recap nonsense last night that I didn't need to see instead of the Gutierrez/Bollinger fight. Oh well. On to other topics. I was talking to someone about how difficult it is to lie convincingly for some folks. There is some workplace trickery going on around here that makes me wonder sometimes if they really think that the client is stupid. Not anyone in particular, I am just saying its very interesting to see folks try to BS their way through something and get royally called on it. I am one of those folks who can sense when folks are lying most of the time. Whether it be direct or by omission, I can always tell when something is up.

Case in point, folks have a tendency to forget what they lied about. Don't tell me something completely fabricated and then when I ask you about it later you go completely stiff and forget what the hell I am asking you about. That is a dead damn give away. Another example is when folks are pretending with their true feelings. This right here I am not good at. I have no poker face when it comes to whether or not I fuck with you or not. This is why when phonies come around or people I just generally dislike, I don't spend my time attempting to convince them that I like them or that I care about what it is they are doing. I am transparent, and pretty sarcastic when I see them, so if I really don't want to offend I just steer clear of them.

My stepbrother is a good example. I cant stand his ass and he knows it. I make myself say hello with as much grace as I can and then I don't speak to him again for the rest of the visit. Its better that way for both of us. On the flip, I am sure there are folks who don't fuck with me either, but smiling in my face or pretending to give a shit about my innermost thoughts and feelings isn't doing a damn thing for either of us. I already know you don't give a fuck, and continuing to keep pretending just makes me irritated. I am not an idiot or a child, and blowing smoke up my ass is patronizing. 

This is why I wish folks would just be real or go the fuck away. Do me a favor, when our time is up and we have nothing else to say to each other, can you please just go the hell on? Kick rocks and beat feet down the lane. I wont even be mad about it I swear. You arent going to hurt my feelings if you get ghost, just don't keep hanging around...talking to me or asking me stupid ass questions cause that I cant stand. In the words of Big Pun "Go that wayyyy". If you got what you came for do me a favor and bounce.

Outside of that I have been reworking my book. I think I finally know what to concentrate on and what about it is important. Sure its only taken me 20 years but whatever, I had real shit going on. I gotta plan a wedding! I am still working out the details. It looks like we have come up with a better venue and a possible date. I don't want anything in stone right now as this shutdown shit has made money real funny in our household and I don't want to promise that cash to someone if I need it. I am sure it will work out just fine. 

In addition, because I struggle with not knowing when to stop piling on, I have decided that what I really need to do in addition to my 40 hour a week job is take on part-time employment. Since I didn't (read: couldn't) go back to school this semester I decided that getting paper was a good idea. For those of you that know me, this is not a new scenario. I don't sit still well, so getting off work to come home and either watch TV or cook dinner seems way more stressful to me than writing a paper or working. I have always either had two jobs or one job and school so its far from unfamiliar. This gig is a sweet one too, so I have zero qualms about adding a few more hours to my evening.  Now, sadly it does cut into my workout time, but I can just push that stuff to the ends of the week. I can always run on the hamster wheel and Zumba and BJJ are both offered plenty of times during the week. 

Headed to see Fiona Apple tomorrow with my Pisces sister from another mother Rachel. I am so geeked to go. We finally got a chance to hang out after eons of not seeing each other and as true Pisces do we laughed and drank wine and played Just Dance lol. Yes I am grown and I still kicked ass at Janelle Monet's Tightrope and Apache's Jump On It. I got the new one last week and its time to have fun. Anyway, recap next week people. 

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