Saturday, October 12, 2013

TUF: Episode 6

The big fight that we have all been waiting on since the first night is here Raquel Pennington and Jessamyn Duke are finally gonna go. Tate is having some sort of pow wow prayer circle for Pennington and Pena has decided folks need makeovers. Pennington and Moras are selected as guinea pigs. They look terrible dolled up honestly. Square and in heels and just wrong. Pennington is talking about her coming out and how difficult it was. She seems to have struggled with it but seems a lot more settled and happy doing what she loves and being the person she is. When it comes time for training I give Raquel strength and speed but Jessamyn is no bullshit and she would be a fool to underestimate her.

Off to the break and no arms tonight. Two straight hours of Zumba fried me so fuck arm work tonight. True story I am gonna regret that tomorrow.

The group heads off to green Valley Ranch resort and spa for a little break which means assless Hooters girls and a pool party with food. Raquel is there but not eating. Jessamyn didn't even go. She was on some "any other fight any other time". Mother bitch, here comes Gutierrez again. You know he is happy about food and no ass. Gutierrez is acting a whole drunk fool as usual. He is totally fucking with Raquel and she does not appreciate that shit. Period. So early the next morning they fuck with him and dump him out of his bed. Good show ladies. 

The fight starts and they make it through round one and they both spent time swinging for the fences. You can tell Jessamyn is all Muy Thai and Raquel is all boxing. No mat action whatsoever. Jessamyn managed to get a decent choke early but couldn't finish. 

Round two starts and they come out fast and furious as round one. There are some serious strikes thrown and it looks like Raquel is getting the best of Jessamyn. The round ends and they go to three. First time in this season. Jessamyn is rocked but still fighting. Raquel looks untouched and still fresh. How they managed to go three full rounds is beyond me. I didn't expect a decision. In the end Baszler is right from the outside the fight seemed dead even but the judges scored all three rounds for Raquel. Well deserved win, and honestly Jessamyn shouldn't be upset. She fought like a damn champ. So the next fight is Josh Hill vs.Michael Wooten. I hope that Wooten boy fights better than he did the first time. Dana was ready to throw him off the show and that is never a good look. 

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