Thursday, October 17, 2013

TUF: Episode 7

True story I missed the first 25 min of TUF talking to my fiancé about the worst boss I ever had. Anyway I came in just as Hill and Wooten were entering the ring so this review will be MAD short. For the record the Wooten kid did not impress me. Mainly cause of his lack of energy, enthusiasm and participation in the first fight. He's under the Hill kid about to be choked out 2 min into the first round and he's gasping for air like a fish on land. He escapes a submission attempt but trust me he is not in control of this fight. This kid gives his back more than a hooker. He defends take downs okay but in general he isn't great. I am saddened when I realize there will be a round two.

We go to commercial and despite my assertion that I would not do arms last week I did them anyway. Tonight is another story. 2 hours of Zumba with weights is not making me feel happy about extra arms tonight. 

Somewhere during the intermission someone lit a fire under the Wooten kid. He comes out aggressive and spend 2 min on the mat on top of Hill. Of course the balance of power changes and Hill has him up against the cage again. Hill executes closed guard from a standing positing and takes Wooten down. Suddenly Wooten has his back. It doesn't last. Ugh I hate this fight. Seriously I coulda had a V8. The fight goes to 3 and all I can think about is sleeping. 

I succumbed to a little arm work and I get up to get the kettlebell during the next commercial out of guilt.. Sue me. All the corner help in the world can't save this here fight. It blows and neither guy is going to choke, tap or submit the other. Not in a good way like last week in a bad way like WTF. 

Almost 4 min have passed and I am thinking about what I should wear to work tomorrow. The foolishness of this fight is just too much for me. Wooten and Hill evenly matched losers. Of course it goes to decision. Yawn worthy win by some miracle Wooten wins. Miesha comes over for some fake congratulatory nonsense and Ronda deflects. She shakes Hills hand but not Tate. Eh, I get it. So last women's fight is gonna be Peggy and Sara. Two big redheads and Cody and Anthony and I want Gutierrez to lose. I have been extra sick of his face and I am hoping Cody puts it to him. 

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