Wednesday, October 09, 2013

TUF: Episode 5

I know I know, late and wrong. I don't know what is with me and my timing but I somehow managed to miss the first five minutes of this week's episode too. I gotta get it together. Anyway, this week's drama is brought to you courtesy of the Grant/Fisette fight. Two guys involved in the most friendly bromance I have seen in a while. They are roommates and buddies and they laugh and joke and friend it up which I am sure is gonna make for an uncomfortable fight.

I keep forgetting that these kids are tremendously bored. There is nothing to do in the house but eat and pick on each other. Raquel tells the story of her coming out to her family to the girls in the house. I don't know why but I felt like there was some editing there. I will tell you why later. So, they are all dicking around outside playing truth or dare and somehow Gutierrez gets in on the mix. Possibly because Sarah Moras deemed him best looking in the house. Uggh okay kids whatever. So this gives him license to come out and run his trap. First thing he does is choose truth and when they ask who he thinks is the weakest link in the house he picks Fisette. Not that I don't agree, because out of everyone in the house Fisette is the only one who didn't get there by winning his fight. He was actually submitted by Holdsworth, but when Corwin got sent home, he got the opportunity to come back. Fair enough. Oh and Roxanne is probably the funniest person in the house. Bollinger picked dare, and they send him upstairs to use a cheesy pickup line on her. I don't even know what he said but she seemed wise to his game when he walked in. She is just minding her business and writing her Japanese blog (I know, I think she is magical too) Her response? "You couldn't handle all of this" which I think is hilarious.

Training sessions start and we get to see Fisette in action with Caraway. He has what he thinks is a foolproof strategy to win against Grant. Noticing that he doesn't really stand still and trade punches (because that shit is stupid and guaranteed to get you a nap on the mat) he intends to get in close. Okay chief, if that's what works for you. The other team has the esteemed pleasure of meeting Ronda's mom former judo champion Anna Maria DeMars. One very intense, very quick lady with a whole lot to say. Ronda put it best when she said that she thought people would understand her better once they met her mother. I get it. BTW I don't subscribe to that whole Ronda is a bitch deal. Sure, she might be but first and foremost she is there to win. She is serious and all that jokey shit is lost on her. Ms. DeMars for her part takes the time to watch each fighters technique before offering any criticism and then proceeds to execute one of the fastest armbars I have ever seen in a tank top and jeans. Wow. Ronda explains a little about having to fight people who were clearly better or fight injured because her mother wanted her to understand how important her training and preparedness was. It seems to still be a point of contention for her, but I get it.

Ms. DeMars comes back to the house and gets the opportunity to chat with Grant about his two boys. She asks if they were there would an opponent have any way to stop him. Of course he says no, and that right there sets the tone as far as I am concerned about what is bout to happen next. Long story short they both make weight, despite the fact that Grant has a ton to drop and everyone in the house has been eating like pigs at a trough. Its just flat out ridiculous what they are eating. Anyway, somewhere in the mix Miesha the voice of reason and good decide that what would really go along way to make things better between the teams is to sneak into the Rousey camp and leave Edmond Tarverdyan a figurine of the The Count from Sesame Street because they think he looks like him. They also add an eyebrow waxing coupon for his unibrow. Good thing Ronda and her mother see it first, cause she is convinced that "joke" wont me met with lightheartedness and hides it from him.

On to the fight. All that "get in close" crap did not help Fisette at all and even though it went to round two, Fisette couldn't hold Grant off or even come up for air IMO and he was defeated by rear naked choke in Round 2. Ronda announced the next fight, Duke vs. Pennington and I am guessing its going to be a brawl. Both these women have a rack of go hard and very little quit in them. Should be really damn interesting.

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