Thursday, October 26, 2006

Loose Ends

The stalled at the light today after my trip to VA. I am just praying the thing decides to hold on till Sunday. Maybe I can make it till then, who knows. Very little to discuss today, sorry people. You all know about Isaiah Washington, Wesley Snipes, Michael from Project Runway and that Flavor of Love foolishness, so I dont have any good gossip discussion.

I bought some of that MAC mineralize skinfinish which I think would be better if I used the StudioMist foundation. I got the wrong color, so until I get that worked out I am not going to fool with either of them. I will keep you posted.

Oh and I wanted to mention a guy who goes missing every once in a while but is still a someone I consider a very good friend. He reads this from time to time when he isnt busy as hell. I just wanted to say that everything is going to work out, no worries, we are in the same boat. Okay, thats your plug.


toya said...

The Mineralize Skinfinish definitely works best with the Studio Mist foundation - it makes your face look airbrushed.

Anonymous said...

wesley snipes is always in trouble -- avin, have u heard abt this craziness about him being extradited?

this skin finish thing sounds so hot...shame all the makeup on this island is only french so no shades for blacks lol!

have a good thursday people!