Tuesday, October 03, 2006

That's Entertainment

Evening folks I am taking a page from the Musiclover handbook (that's my cousin) and setting up this blog. The mood for tonights blog is serene, and the music for tonight is Gratitude by Earth Wind and Fire. Lets start it off.

Thank god for ABC! That network used to really be a snore a few years back but Full House this aint! I am all about some abc. They are working it out this year with a full weeks line up of good quality entertainment, or at least its entertaining for me, and really isn't that all that matters?

I am super siced about the return of my all time favorite show LOST. Sure it scares the shit out of me sometimes and I am one of those annoying nerd types that checks out all the show related websites with the creepy supernatural links and shit. Terrible just terrible I know, blame Pangea.

I am excited about being so wrapped up in my show again, however I am not happy about my Tivo not being hooked up or the fact that I now have to discuss my favorite show with the dryest broad in history. Oh well.

I am also a Thursday night Grey's Anatomy junkie and frankly who could blame me? Its a great show written by a brilliant woman, with interesting characters and a soundtrack everyone loves. That and I just found out that McSteamy is going to become a full fledged cast member.

Now that man is dreamy, fuck a Patrick Dempsy. I would take Dr. Sloane any day of the week. And as much as I wanted to hate Addison, I actually cheered out loud for her when he emerged from the shower of her hotel room. Yeah I'm a fan.

Friday is my new fave, Men in Trees, which I hear is doing great in the ratings...god I hope my Tivo is hooked up by friday! We've discussed that show so I won't bore you, but my whole family is hooked, and I got themakeupgirl on board too.

Then there is dancing with the Stars and Ugly Betty which is super cute and comes on right after Grey's. I love America Ferrara and Vanessa Williams is so over the top nasty its just delightful!

Last but not least is Desperate Housewives which after falling flat last season has my undivided attention. At least I don't have to deal with another sopranos debacle this year. So this is why I love abc, and why if my damn digital cable ever gets connected properly I will be right in front of my Tivo every night of the week.

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