Monday, October 23, 2006

I Am Not My Nose

I always forget that I’ve had plastic surgery before. Its funny because somehow an elective surgery where they break my nose with a hammer and chisel seems less painful and invasive than what I am about to undergo. Someone is going to tell me it’s the same, and I shouldn’t be scared cause if they can rip my nose off and reposition it, than I should be able to do this cervical shit. Nope, I am still convinced its different.

Anyway, so I am one of those fools who volunteers information about plastic surgery. Like I never faked like it didn’t happen. I hated my previous nose and that is just a fact. I whined and complained and fussed about it from the time I was 7 years old until I finally had the surgery. I kept asking my mom when my nose was going to look like hers. It never did of course. The issue was that I had basically no bridge to my old nose. It was very flat, which in turn made my face itself look wide and round. Well rounder than it already is. Bottom line is I hated it, and that’s not a “oh she is rejecting her blackness” hate it’s a “this thing is misshapen” hate.

That was the first thing I endured, “you want to look white” or “I sure hope you don’t turn out like Michael Jackson” or “people who have plastic surgery don’t love themselves”. Good thing I didn’t give a flying fuck what anyone thought or that they would be nice enough to liken my nose job to that of a man with serious body dismorphic disorder. Nope, only I had to walk around with that damn thing staring me in the face every day. It was getting to the point where I wouldn’t look at it when I looked in the mirror. I just couldn’t fathom why I got stuck with it. Oh I also had a very close friend say “I sure hope your mother tries to talk some sense into you” and “you know that stripper girl *insert my name/her name here* that Troy used to date got a nose job too”. Whoopee, some chick with the same name got a nose job. Are you upset cause I am going to change my look or that your man was dating a stripper? Lets just bring it in okay, stop with the drama.

Anyway, I promised myself if I were going to do this that no comments would matter to me, and I would never be ashamed of it. 3 years later I am the first to pipe up at a party if someone says “I was thinking about getting a nose job”. Most black folks act like plastic surgery is some sort of crime. Yes, yes I have seen Vivica and Lil Kim, it can be pretty criminal if you just run about all willy nilly getting any old surgeon to correct your face. Do your homework people. Find someone that wants to preserve your ethnicity and doesn’t just wanna chop you up for some cash. I actively sought out a black plastic surgeon who I am sure was more expensive but was very interested in making sure I didn’t turn out all pinched up.

Coincidentally, when I got home Friday night I started flipping through the new Essence magazing and who should I find with a feature story? None other than my surgeon Doctor Monte O. Harris and my dermatologist Dr. Elliott Battle! They are obviously doing a booming business and I can attest to both their skill, and fabulous care. After years of horrible acne Dr. Battle managed to clear my skin. He prides himself on making women love what they see. Dr. Harris does too but he isnt quite as boisterous about it. The article says that they are opening a new practice in New York in addition to the one here in Washington DC. In fact if you have ever heard me rave about IS Clinical Active Serum,(its at the bottom of the post) Dr. Battle is the one who I got it from. Their shop is called Cultura, and if you are interested its worth checking out. Seriously, its one of the better decisions I ever made. I love my not so new anymore nose, and I love that when I look in the mirror I no longer make a conscious effort to look around it.

I remember dating a guy before I had the surgery that said he could never marry a woman with a nose job cause he wouldn’t know what their kids would look like. Yeah so his ass was fired on stupidity alone, but really is it that serious? If you dislike something enough, shouldn’t you have the right to change it without being hassled or ridiculed? Cant you just flat out not like something and want to handle it? Anyway, I think so and it feels great to see what I always wanted to see in the mirror.


DotSpot said...

i don't see what the big deal is about PS, if you don't like a feature on your body that you have to live with, change it! doesn't make you less anything but unhappy, people need to stop looking at the three cosmetic surgery nightmares and assume everyone was like that! i'd get something sucked and tucked if i can afford it.

Mikostinko said...

Can we see some before and after shots?

Anonymous said...

Hi Avin! I found you through Lianne's blog. Just wanted to comment about the cervical issues you mentioned. I went through the same thing last summer...abnormal cells, biopsies, more tests, then they turn out to be, well, worse than just abnormal. That weird "almost cancer" category. I was so scared and upset for all of July, and then the surgery was over in like 5 seconds. It was so anti-climactic that I had to laugh at myself.

Have you had yours yet? Is it the LEEP? Ask your doc for 2 Ativan to take an hour will feel like a goofy little girl and not be bothered in the least. Good luck!


hottcoffee said...

Hey, I laughed so hard when you said the first thing ppl say is: you wanna be white...or you'll look like Michael Jackson. Cause that's the EXACT first thing that my Mom said to me. And- like you, she has a different nose to mine too and I always wondered why, as people say we look alike. So I showed her some pictures on Monte Harris's website and that kept her far as the Michael Jackson thing is concerned. I agree with you 100%. People are never support and always treat you as though there is something wrong with you for wanting to improve yourself. And hundreds of celebrities get it done everyday with good results (Halle Berry, Toni Braxton, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez) So, I'm happy I read your blog. Given me a vote of confidence and I'm DEFINATELY gonna go with Monte Harris when I start earning some cold hard cash.

Thanks! Vanessa London

NewNoseSoonGirl said...

I dont know if im going to get a reply but, your story sounds just like me AND to top it off im planning on getting my nose job with Dr. Harris. Only problem is I cant find much info on him. Can you tell me how your experience was (its so hard to find black folks who talk about their PS!)?

Avin said...

I dont know if you will come back to read this NewNoseSoon but you can email me at and I would be happy to discuss what I know about Dr. Harris. I truly believe you are in good hands. I look forward to hearing from you. Avin

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see your before and after pics. Is there anything else that'd you'd like to say about Dr. Monte or the surgery in particular?

Anonymous said...

I know this may be an old entry, but where can you go for after surgery care with Monte O' Harris' center?

And how do you think he does with nostril width reduction?