Friday, August 04, 2006

Avin's Got A Brand New (Cosmetics) Bag

Speaking of Body and Image, I have to tell everyone about some of my new favorite cosmetics. Some of these things are expensive though, but most are just easy breezy standards that I live by.

Frederic Fekkai Technician Conditioner

I only bought this stuff because I found a tiny little sample bottle floating around the Sephora right before my trip to Jamaica. Between the sun and the sand and the salt water, my hair was saved thanks to little pea sized dollops of this wonderful conditioner. The little bottle was $8.00 and the 8 oz bottle is $19.50. Needless to say I guard it with my life. Something is screwy with blogger today so just go to Sephora to pick it up.

Salerm 21

When I started going to my Dominican salon in Silver Spring, this was the first thing I noticed them putting on EVERYONES hair. I didn’t really think much of it until my hair started growing like crazy. Now I cant leave Ana’s shop without a bottle in hand. I think you can buy it online, but it is a Dominican made product so you might have to search.
I get mine for $10, but I am not sure what it costs online.

Sebastian Laminates Gel

Tried and true I have trusted this lightweight glossy gel to perk up any hairstyle curly or straight, wet or dry. I forgot how much I loved it until I spied a bottle in my beauty closet a few months ago. Its sort of greasy feeling in your hand, but dries beautifully soft and not sticky. You can get it for about $10-$15 at CVS or any drugstore.

Ojon Treatment

I was watching QVC about two years ago when this came on the TV. The spokesmodel had the most beautiful hair I had ever seen, and I was really taken with the idea of this natural palm nut oil replacing all the other gunky ones I had tried. Needless to say I love it, my mother loves it, themakeupgirl loves it and my son who has had the worse dry scalp issues is a devoted user of the shampoo, conditioner and treatment year round. Oh don’t get it on your face if you are prone to breakouts. The oil is very strong. The 5 oz is $55 but well worth every penny.

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Beige

This stuff is a MUST HAVE. I actually heard about it a long time before they started selling it. I think someone jumped the gun in either Essence or Lucky, because they started talking about it, and I was immediately on the hunt. I ran to my MAC store only to be told that they didn’t know what I was talking about. I was heartbroken but not deterred, so I just scouted the store until it arrived MONTHS later. I use it every day instead of lipstick during the summer. Soft and pretty and great with a liner pencil in Cork or Stripdown, and a quick swipe of lusterglass in Beaux or Spring Bean.

MAC Bronzer in Golden

This isn’t new stuff, but the pretty turquoise packaging is. I always get this in golden and use it during the summer in place of blush or tint. It’s a little sparkle, and a little sunkissed golden brown. Just the right thing to highlight those sunpoints.

Egyptian Magic

Now, this stuff is a godsend. Well a makeupgirl send really. I burned myself back in April with the curling iron, and was in absolute agony. However, I was way more upset about having a big nasty scar. I was crying to my sis makeupgirl when she started telling me about this cream that does EVERYTHING. I was skeptical, but I went out on lunch to Whole Foods and tracked it down anyway. A week later there was no scar, and the scab I did get came right off. Its list of uses is unreal, but for me it has replaced my lotion, and any burns or cuts are quickly swiped with it. $25 but totally worth it for how many uses it has. I know the packaging is perquacky and super bootleg, but really dont let that put you off.

IS Clinical Active Serum

This is the holy grail of all acne meds. I have had acne all my life, and never has a product done what it purported to do. I was duped into buying this by my ultra expensive dermatologist and almost choked when I realized that I had paid so much for it. If you are red, puffy, blotchy, or irritated in anyway, this will take it away. Redness is immediate, but blemishes usually take 24 hours. I use it so carefully and so slowly because its so much money. The boyfriend came over one day and had a zit that wouldn’t go away. I took one drop and pressed it to the bump that afternoon. The next morning it was gone, and he was trying to steal my bottle! I make him buy his own now, turns out its great for stopping razor bumps too! $110 -$120 online and in your overpriced dermatologist.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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