Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Crazy Wednesday Crap

So I dont really feel like rehashing all of what is going on today but there is a shitload of gossip a-happening in Hollywood

First for a bunch of pics of the BET awards with its non-singing folks and shitty sound system, go to Crunk & Disorderly, its two stories down. Fresh has the good shit on that. Me I can only comment on the fact that Keishya Cole's new name is Superhood, and the bitch cant sing, but you knew that already.

Next is Shitney Spears and her attempt at damage control. How exactly do you follow a catastrophic interview were all sorts of shit was going wrong with naked photos? I mean how does that work exactly. Wanna see the naked bumpkin? Go to Perezhilton's site. Oh and if you are the least bit bored, take out your frustrations on Federfuck with this game. Its worth it trust me.

Third is the debacle that is Starzilla's exit from the view. It truly has become a media nightmare. I dont care to hear about what she thinks or what Barbara W. thinks, or what her flaming Fire Island hubby thinks neither. I mean she is entitled to her tantrum I guess. Everyone should be allowed to kick over that trash can Dave Chapelle style when you quit. Wanna hear more about Star and all that is The View? Go see Trent at Pinkisthenewblog. He has it covered. Just scroll past Shitney, the Bey, the BET run down and Nicole and Keith Urban.

Oh and just for shits and grins, my cousin sent me this and frankly I cant stop laughing. Maybe its not right for a Psych major to laugh so hard at this, but I mean damn this girl is off her rocker!


DotSpot said...

LMAO!!! Stop calling her Shittney Spears!

Avin said...

dotspot - I will do no such thing.

Ashburnite said...

hahaha!!! I freaking LOVE that game!

Avin said...

ash - I must have played that game about 10 times in a row. I was having WAY too much fun.