Tuesday, June 27, 2006

University of MD + Student Loans = Complete Bullshit!

Why me? Why the fuck does it have to be me?? I am a semi nice person with a decent head on her shoulders. I typically don’t fuck with others unless provoked, yet and still I get the short end.

Someone at UMCP or FAFSA is lying their asses off. Either I don’t owe Maryland U money, or I don’t owe 5k for classes in 04/05. Which the hell one is it? It can’t be both! How do I owe you money if I am paying that money back right now??? All I was trying to do was register for my classes, and here comes the bullshit brigade of what I supposedly owe. This is exactly why I hate school. I should have just gone to Beauty school and said "fuck higher education". I should have learned a damn trade or become a caterer.

Nope, I wanna waist my life giving all my hard earned money to Maryland U. Its too late to back out of this damn degree now. I have lost years of evening sitting in classes watching assholes lecture. I have put countless miles on my vehicle going to and from campus and circling parking lots looking for free parking, or paying for parking. No, I have wasted countless precious hours doing shit I hate for this fucking degree and damn it I will have it. If only to set it a blaze in defiance of all the time effort and money it has cost me.

I will fight it out with the financial aid fucks on campus, but I will finish this damn piece of shit degree if it kills me. I want my fucking life back.


Anonymous said...

Awww girl. It'l be over soon!!

bmorecutie said...

Don't let this stumbling block stop you from the greater goal.