Monday, June 26, 2006

The Ultimate Fighter 3 - Final Octagon

T.U.F 3 ended Saturday night and it was an excellent show.
5 fights and the main event was the least exciting.

Unfortunately I missed watching it on Saturday night since I was busy steaming crabs and having fun with the boyfriend and his family. We were exhausted by the time we got home so I had to catch the action the next morning. Judging by the UFC website I must have fast forwarded through a fight, because they mentioned Ross and Rory and I didn’t see any parts of that.

First up were Keith Jardine and Wilson Gouveia which was a really decent fight.

I figured Jardine was outmatched the way Gouveia practically ran the first two rounds, but then Keith got his shit together and mangled Wilson the last round, which IMO clenched the win for him. Judges agreed too, 29-28 Jardine from each of the three judges.

Then the Ultimate Fighters took each other on for the contracts and titles.
Middleweight bout between 6'6 Hawaiian Kendall "Spider" Grove and Ed "Short Fuse" Herman was well worth the wait.

That was by far one of the best fights I have ever seen, and neither of them was willing to go down. Including Grove, who was slammed on his head and neck repeatedly by Ed who was trying to break a tight Triangle Hold. At the end Ed looked like he was in difficulty too, when Kendall had him in a vicious rear naked choke. Ed held out for what seemed like an eternity, holding his breath and turning an alarming shade of red, refusing to tap. I think he would have let Kendall kill him rather than tap. In the end the decision had all 3 judges giving Kendall the fight, but in a stunning turn of events Dana White awarded them both contracts. I actually cheered out loud, because they both deserved it. It was the damn closest fight I have ever seen.

Then there was the Mike Bisping Josh Haynes light heavyweight fight. I don’t have much to say about this, not really. I kinda feel like Josh has been outmatched by most of the dudes on the show, and he damn sure didn’t have a prayer in hell of beating Bisping. The announcers kept on yammering about how much heart Josh showed, but I never really saw him do anything to strike back, except throw that wild errant head-down windmill. Most of the fight it was him trying to fend off the attacks from Bisping. Big John finally stopped the fight when it was clear Josh was getting his ass whipped. Surprise, he didn’t beat Bisping. Yawn, stretch lets keep it moving.

Next I watched the Main Snore...I mean Event.
Kenny Florian laid the smack down on Sam Stout in a mind twisting 46 second in the first round. It was over so fast I didn’t enjoy it.

That fight ended so fast that I looked up and Matt the deaf guy and Jesse who got his ass beat by Josh two weeks ago are in the ring slugging it out. Matt easily beat Jesse like everyone else seems to, and that was that.

Matt who I give props for being a great wrestler would have worked my nerves as much as he worked Bisping’s. I really wanted to see those two go at it, but something tells me I have to wait a while longer. So there ya have it folks, your T.U.F. Champions!

See ya next season! (Oh wait, I’ll still have to report on the Shamrock/Ortiz fight.)

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