Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rescue Me - Sparks

Somehow I thought this weeks episode was going to be more about them rescuing the bus full of rich kids and the backlash after they "supposedly" left that black guy to die. All of about 10 min was dedicated to that story line. The rest of the show was basically Tommy and his trials and tribulations.

Franco is still seeing Alicia (Susan Sarandon) and feeling weird about it cause she is so much older and his daughter loves her. Sean finally came clean to Tommy about seeing his sister Maggie, even though Tommy already knew. Lou is still all fucked up about his wife leaving him and the hooker/porn star taking him for all his cash, so he tries to end it all on the third rail of a subway, except a homeless man gets in the way trying to kill himself first. Lou finally tells Tommy whats been going on and moves in.

Probie who last week had his head on his roommates shoulder as the show went off, was this week getting a blowjob from the roommate while watching the damn hockey game!! That confirmed it for me, but wait! They actually argue about the fact that neither of them are ghey cause its "just blowjobs" Um, where I come from, when you are a male with another males dick in your mouth thats ghey. Anyway, fistfight ensues cause Probie though perfectly fine with receiving, is not down with giving, which he asserts makes him "less homo" than roommate dude. Whatever yall just stop already, yall are ghey.

Janet calls Tommy for a sit down meeting so they can divide up all the marital assets, Maggie calls on the back of Janet's call to say that she is screwing Sean but doesnt love him, Sheila calls to instruct Tommy to go to the sperm bank so they can produce a male aire for Tommy's dad now that Connor died. Why these two dont just have sex is beyond me, they were doing it all last season, and now its a problem? Mrs. Turberdy calls on the back of Sheila's call to say that she needs Tommy to come over and give her some or she is calling his nephew to handle the job.

See, I dont like this Teacher/Student(nephew)/Tommy storyline. I dont find remotely interesting but apparantly this is every man's dream and what the fuck ever.

So Tommy goes to see the teacher tramp, then goes to the sperm bank and cant manage to produce enough so he has to come back the next day. Which he does and proceeds to drop the cup at the crucial moment. Desk dude askes him to come back the next day and produce more, this time without the dust and dirt from the floor. Somewhere in this, Tommy at the end goes to see Janet to hash out the divorce crap. O'Reily is at some bar a half hours drive away, per their agreement, and leaves once Tommy gets to the house.

In classic Tommy and Janet fashion, they fight and then wind up screwing on the couch just before O'Reily gets there. Of course he doesnt catch them though, Janet's changes her top and Tommy is long gone. Un-fuckin-believable! This show gets wilder each time I watch it.
Anyway, next weeks previews show Teacher Tramp in handcuffs, and something about her giving the 3 students she was screwing Chlamydia. Next frame you see Tommy itching which means Janet's gotta have it and will give it to O'Reily who will eventually find out that Tommy screwed Janet. Clusterfuck and new rib breaking beatdown ensues I am sure.

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