Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Could Have Watched All Night

So I am FINALLY ready to discuss SYTYCD (So you think you can dance)

Took me a minute, but never mind all that, lets get to it!

There are a few couples on this show that amaze me, and other that I am just not quite sure what the hell is going on.

First up last night was Martha and Travis, who last week did a very convincing broadway dance to "Steam Heat". I loved the performance but her suspenders/shorts/jog bra w/sequins outfit was a horrible distraction!! Travis on the other hand looked great, but damn why they gotta set the sista up like that? This week they did a crumping routine to probably the wackest song they could find Ja Rule's "Clap Back". This was a perfect opportunity for me to see someone work the hell out of E-40's "Tell Me When to Go" but no, they chose that lil rat boy's song. BTW has anyone seen or heard from Ja Rule? That midget is missing in action, NOT that I want him back or anything, I just think its fishy when you have all this beef and then dissapear. I bet he is locked up in 50's basement. Anyway, Travis worked the hell out of that song, while Martha just kinda did her best to keep up. It was a good performance IMO, one of the best of the night, but I already see who the star in this combo is, and it aint Martha.

Next up were Jessica and Jaymz (who's name irritates me).
They did the foxtrot to "Why Dont You Do Right". It looked okay to me, but it wasnt any big damn deal.

Third up were Allison and Ivan, who did an off-beat hip-hop dance to Busta's "Touch It".
No comment

Next, were Joy and Dimitri who were supposed to be doing a Samba, but let me tell ya, Dimitri spent the routine flinging Joy around, and Joy is NO Stacy Keebler when it comes to the Samba. That lil girls legs didnt even look like they were moving. Plus, she had that frozen deer in headlights look on her face the whole time. Needless to say the judges ate her alive.

Now, best performance of the night as far as I was concerned belonged to Natalie and Musa. They worked the hell out of Goapele's "Closer" with a contemporary number. Now I hate contemporary/lyrical, cause I feel like its just crackhead-dance. You neither need rhythm nor timing to make this dance work, and I just cant get that to make sense in my head. Despite the fact that I dont consider it dance, these two just had amazing chemistry, and Musa who is a hip-hop dancer, made that shit look easy. I was impressed, but I also like the song so that might have colored my opinion a bit.

Then there was Brian and Heidi the crypt keeper. How old is this bitch? She looks 45 in the face. Its terrible. I mean is it sun damage, cause if so I am never going outside again!
These two did a pop routine to Walkaway by Kelly Clarkson. No Comment

Next, lil Ashley and Ben did American Jive to Great Balls of Fire. I found it entertaining, and I thought they did well for two dancers who dont really mess with that style. They are cute and fun to watch anyway. The asscrack judge who's name I always forget, the one who's the shorter, younger hip-hop version of Randy Jackson. He didnt like it at all but hey, I never like what he wears so we are even.

Aleksandra and Jason did Old School hip-hop to The Wrath of Kane by Big Daddy Kane. Hated it!

Finally it was time for the last act...this show was two emm effing hours last night!
Donyelle and Benji did the cha-cha to some song I didnt know, but it got the most applause and it was straight fire if you ask me. Some of these kids are pretty talented.

Okay thats my recap, Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

LOL! I love your recaps sis! I cannot tell you how JAZZED I was for Travis!! I was like go head boy!! (yelling at the TV...Tyler looked at me like wtf mom) Donyelle and Benji did a great job also....they rest of them MF's better step their game up.

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH and Musa and Natalie...WTF!!!! Musa made it look like he had been doing it for YEARS - he really gave his all. They have AMAZING chemistry those two...(For all we know they may have had some kind of drunken night

Avin said...

That boy Travis is the TRUTH!