Thursday, June 22, 2006

Top 5 Challenge - Ghetto Games

Top 5 Ghetto/Innapropriate things you've done at your desk.

1. Plucked my eyebrows - It was an emergency! I looked like Wolfman Jack!
2. Listen to the unsensored Hip-hop Yahoo station and sing along.
3. Take off my toenail polish - Okay that was an emergency too, I didnt have time to fix it before I left the house. (I also repolished them just now)
4. Pop gum or my knuckles or both at the same time.
5. Lotion my feet with a big ass jar of beauty supply store lotion.

Yes I know I suck. So name your 5, I dare you.


DotSpot said...

(5) take out my braids (only in the back and then i ponytailed the rest)

(4)burp (after a dr. pepper, i can burp louder than a drunk 350 pound man watching the super bowl)

(3) fart (in my co-workers chair)

(2) do the thriller dance at my desk

(1) eat sunflower seeds AND pumpkin seeds on the same day!

Anonymous said...

1. Eat tuna at my desk and throw remains in the trash (EWW!!LOL)
2. Lisen to XM RAW and sing along
3. Suck on a lollipop at my desk (hey someone gave it to me what was a spose to do save it??)
4. Laugh loudly at a joke.
5. Lotion my feet with a big ass jar of beauty supply store lotion (Ikept this one the same cause I do that too...LMAO)

bmorecutie said...

1. Ate sunflower seeds (stopped when I remember how much noise I can make).
2. Re-applied powder. Enough said.
3. Apply lotion to legs and feet when ash appears.
4. Snap gum and crack fingers on a daily basis.
5. Flipped out on the phone when boyfriend pissed me off one day.

Avin said...

makeupgirl - Um, I eat tuna every day and throw it in my trash can. I am not going all the way downstairs to throw it out.

Avin said...

bmorecutie - How did you manage to reapply powder with 3x- sitting across from you? I havent told the boyfriend off yet but give me time.

Anonymous said...

5. Suck on a popsicle at my desk

4. Remove acyrlic from nails.

3. Lotion my feet at 8:20am at my desk. (they is clean)

2. Burp after a good ice cold Pepsi!

1. Pop my gum and gyrate to booty music. ( yes im poppin my but at my desk)

DotSpot said...

i've removed acrylic from my nails, and pop my gum!

Avin said...

Pep/anon - The acrylic is a new one on me.

Dotspot - I watched a lady take out all her braids on the train and shove them into a grocery bag. It was disturbing.

bmorecutie said...

I had to move quickly!

bmorecutie said...

Oh I forgot. I have taken out a braid or two sitting at my desk also. LOL Now that is good and ghetto.

Avin said...

Travis just came in here and caught me lotioning my foot!!!!