Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So how much do I believe in Tide to Go???

This shit just saved my $110 Beige Banana Republic slacks. My dumb ass bit into a fresh Cherry. Not your average Maraschino, dessert topping in a jar cherry. No, this was a real ass pitted cherry, where the liquid that comes out is darker than blood! We ALL know that berries stain, and my dumb ass wants to play with bright ass purple liquid and expensive beige slacks. So of course I got that shit all over me, I was already close to heart attack/cry in a fit of rage mode at the prospect of having to walk around with a blood-like substance all over my crotch for the rest of the day, when I remembered I went back into the apartment for my Tide to Go this morning and shoved it in my purse.

I grabbed it thinking there is no damn way this will ever work but maybe I can get it to not look so period-like. So I started working on the biggest stain and dabbing it with a dry dinner napkin I found in my drawer. About 3 min later the stain starts to lift and it transferring to the napkin!! Now I am SICED, and I am rubbing for dear life. I used just about all of what was left in it, but I have been toting this thing around for about a month now and using it frequently, so I don’t know how much liquid was in it. Enough to shake around I guess.

Well its about a half hour later, and you cant even tell I had the most ridiculous cherry accident in the world. I have to get these washed pronto, but seriously, for a pair of beige pants I have NEVER seen anything work like this! I am going to go buy 5 more of these after work and just plant them everywhere. Its serious folks, if you are anything close to being clumsy, run to the store and get one or twelve.

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Anonymous said...

Tide to go ROCKS...LOL