Friday, July 28, 2006


Okay this word is very regional and pretty much pinpoints me being somewhere close to the DC/PG county line. There has been some outside discussion about the word that even my 63 year old mother uses to describe folks who just have it wrong.

The word itself is a derivative of the word Alabama. Folks who came from Alabama were country, and without the style and finesse that the DC folks possessed. Apparently, some time in the early 70’s it became a common word to use in order to describe any folks deemed country, no matter what state they hailed from. My parents generation developed a fondness for referring to midwesterners as bammas. I dont particularly feel thats the case these days, but the sight of a pair of "Now and Later Gators" will make the word spring to mind/

Of course, our parents use of the word just translated into our use of the word. We however expanded the definition a little. Bamma basically describes anyone who has generally fucked up in word, deed or dress. It has properties, such as:

Why you got that bamma ass coat on – The coat is either busted or just crazy looking
That bamma needs to shut up – This person has said or done something stupid
That’s straight bamma – Defines a litany of actions that could be considered stupid

I cant even begin to cover all the ways this word is and can be used, it would just take me too damn long.

Also, I know a lot of people who are instantly offended by it, and question its use and validity. I am 30, it still holds water in my opinion, and I still use it pretty much daily. I just called the guy downstairs the “IT Bamma” just last week. Folks who want to argue this word have usually been called a bamma a time or two. Sure its not fun, but we call each other bammas for sport here, so we don’t take as much offense.

Which, brings me to the point of this here topic. The bamma downstairs in accounting.
THIS bamma is a trip. Negro comes to the office every day in ankle socks and short pants. Not just ankle socks mind you, white athletic ankle socks. This my friends is your classic bamma. I don’t work at Modells, nor do I work at any retail, fast food or other laid back establishment. This is a white collar industry where you can’t just come to work looking any old way. Ankle socks, even on casual Friday, with black pants and black shoes are a bamma move. I should have guessed it though, cause he is from Philly and not even and Eagles fan. That said a lot right there.

Anyway, there you have it the word Bamma. If you want to contribute your experiences or understanding of the word feel free. If you want to debate its validity, we can do that too bamma, I got all the time in the world.

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