Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You have appeared to my life, feel like I'll never be the same....

Okay this is going to sound like I am bragging, but I swear that I am not. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge MAC cosmetics devotee. I am a cosmetics Stan really, but none the less MAC is my all time favorite. Funny considering for a while there I felt like their products were way too matte for a gal like me.

I have a serious addiction problem with MAC, and if held at gunpoint I couldn’t successfully name all of the products from them in my purse, the ones I own…well lets just say they owe their 3rq quarter earnings boost to little old me. I have tons and tons of various shades of lipstick, lipgelle, lipglass, lipconditioner, lacquer, lustreglass, lipliner and the like. These items consume an entire plastic basket in my closet. I wont even bore you with the foundations, cover-ups, eye shadows, liners, pigments, paints, brushes and blushes I own. We don’t have that kinda time.

Well, two weeks ago when the boyfriend and I went to Vegas, I took my makeup of course. Now, I wont get into how, cause that’s just personal and some shit is best left unsaid as not to have folks drawing conclusions about me, but I managed to break all my powder based MAC makeup. It was like being hit by a truck. I seriously died a little, trying desperately to scoop my powders into little piles. Seriously there were big fat tears on my little brown cheeks, and it was all I could do not to have a complete mental breakdown.

Good news is, the boyfriend (who not terribly adept with things like products and cosmetics) is well aware of my MAC addiction. So much so that we discuss things like if we got rich what we would do for the other. My gift to him would be one of those gigantic loud ass, fully tricked out Harley’s built by none other than the folks at Orange County Choppers. His to me? My own MAC heaven. A vanity built especially for me with every product that MAC makes with a back up supply and delivery of my favorites and replacements whenever I see fit. This is EXACTLY why I am marrying this man. He gets it. For that idea alone I promised to throw in 50 yard line season tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles, its only fair.

Back to Vegas. Anyway, seeing my utter despair, the boyfriend drove me to Caesars’ Palace Forum Shops where there was a trusty MAC store. So elated, I ran in and grabbed the items that were broken. It was only four things but it might as well have been 40. Studio Fix in C6, Bronzer in Golden, Eye shadows in Honesty and Mystery. Just as I was beginning to feel better the boyfriend (who does NOT go into or near the MAC store) comes in. I think something is wrong…oh no do we need to go??? I will hurry baby I promise I am thinking. He marches over to the sweetest MAC artist ever with a tube of concealer (who by the way was eager to help me unlike the rest of them stuck up bitches) and says. How much does something like this cost? She says $12. He says, “Great, listen you let her pick out about $150 worth of stuff in here, when she is done just wave for me, I will be sitting right over there” and he kisses me on the forehead and leaves.

This is EXACTLY why I am marrying this man. Had me grinning like a kid with a Bomb-Pop fresh from the Ice Cream Man! Sigh, life is good sometimes. I picked out all types of new and wonderful things. Things I had seen but couldn’t justify paying for, like blotting papers and moisturizer! Green cleanser and brand new unreleased anywhere lipglasses. I felt like a princess. Needless to say the man is wonderful, and I am so absolutely grateful.

So, I am not bragging, I am just happy and I say this cause this story just came from a woman who’s had more bad years than good when it comes to men. I’ve been divorced for 9 years now and the ex never lets me forget it. I have been trampled and stepped on and dismissed and just generally dicked around for more years than I can count. I had given up hope, kissed too many frogs and I was really ready to be alone forever and that’s when he showed up. Two years later, we are basically inseparable.

Ladies, don’t give up. He is really out there and he will really be what you need him to be, just remember that he is the one who understands you completely and maybe that doesn’t always come in the package you expect. He is going to love you, and you are going to deserve it and your blessings will come.

Of course when they do come you will want to strangle him most of the time and wonder why he drives you as crazy as he does, but it will all be worth it.


DotSpot said...

*cries loudly* AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! can i be the flower girl? i'm short enough.

Avin said...

No girl your height doesnt disqualify you from regular ass duty.

themakeupgirl said...

GIRL!!! Who are you telling?? Frog CITY! That was the sweetest story! I am standing by for bridesmaid duty...LOL

Avin said...

Yep you are getting a dress too, but you will probably beat me to the altar.

Nichelle said...

Awww... how sweet!

Nothing like a man that "gets it" - can't wait until I find mine. I've had a few select frogs myself.

I know that any man that marries me will have to understand my beauty obsession. Heck, I run a beauty/style website - if he doesn't get it, he won't "get" me!

Avin said...

Nichelle - he is a gem, a stubborn mule of a gem, but none the less a sparkler.

You will find yours, and he will love all your cosmetic issues I am sure.

Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest story. And its great to see you happy because you deserve it. Hmmmm wedding ...... don't forget about me.


Avin said...

bmorecutie - Wouldnt dare forget about you girl. You were partly responsible for my severe MAC addiction.