Friday, July 21, 2006

They want me with my hands up...Shooter

Who's a girl gotta sleep with to get Robin Thicke's album to drop??

First I read on fourfour that the album has been pushed back not once, not twice but 4 times!
Then I go over to Crunk & Dis and there's this video for Shooter which was on the last album but nevertheless it was a damn good song and its only better thanks to none other than that gremlin Weezy. Damn I hate to admit when Cash Money does something right, and frankly Birdman Jr. has been working some ish out for a minute now with The Carter II. Let me not get hung up on that though, back to Robin. Its been forever since wanna love ya dropped, and even longer since A Beautiful World, but I still listen to that shit like its extra Rhymfest brand new. I was waiting on A Beautiful World to drop before they changed its name from Cherry Blue Skies. Just someone cut me a break and give me Robin back.

On a funny strange note as I was picking through my morning gossip rags, I run into this tidbit on E Online about non other than Fred Durst.

Fred Durst announcing his engagement to Krista Salvatore, a 21-year-old Rhode Island native who he met over Memorial Day Weekend, according to a post on his MySpace account. We give it until Labor Day.

Okay for those who don’t know, I was seriously in love with said Limp Bizkit frontman for a time back in early 98 (and maybe a little after) I am FAR from proud of this but it needs to be addressed. Dude is a car accident, a motherfucking mess and a half who won’t be engaged, let alone married for more than it takes his next album to plummet to the bottom of the charts. There, I said it!

Why did I like him? Good question. The guy is short and fat and about the skuzziest human being alive but I have every one of Limp’s albums with the exception of that Cold War era Perestroika, arm bars and facist pigs in the Czech Republic nightmare they created after Results May Vary. WTF was that shit anyway? I mean did Shitney fuck you up that bad?

Not to mention, the guy gained a rack of weight on top of being fat, and never was really a very eloquent fellow (agreeance??? remember that shit?) but back in 98 he was a former (not all that great) tattoo artist who penned Counterfeit which was the absolute love of my musical life at the time. This was the same guy who put the group Staind on, I mean the Nookie video alone should give him some sort of credit. Not to mention there were several decent hits on Significant Other.

Well... didn’t he turn out to be a huge disappointment with his wiggly fat body and his “I’m the shit” attitude? Then I see him in a disguise of sorts in a tape with some porn producer. I don’t know the clown’s name, but he is the one who likes throwing raw meat at women’s asses (A1 winner) and shit. Then this MF gets a playboy chick pregnant but looks like he might pull a “that ain't my baby” and then he posts some incoherent bullshit about being in love with a then thin and K-Fag free Britney Spears who still managed to diss the fuck out of him. I mean what does it say about you when white trash won’t even admit to being your woman?

Finally he lost his mind and did the ultimate! He videotapes himself fucking some random ass broad. Grainy Paris-Hilton like camera phone-fuck session, huge gelatinous belly in the frame and eency weensy weenie bobbing around all tragic and shit. FUCK I say! What was I thinking!! Was I really attracted to this Shitney Spears loving tool?? What in the holy hell ever gave me the idea that this guy was remotely okay?? What was I smoking, drinking or popping that lead me to believe he was attractive? Uggh anyway let’s just say I’ve seen the light and mended my blind ass ways. Now I gotta work on that Colin Farrell thing. Sheesh I need therapy.

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beautyinbaltimore said...

Replace him with Travis Barker. Soooo many black women love him.