Monday, September 11, 2006

Back On The Block

Mariah Concert

Okay I am back and yes the concert was fabulous! Seriously, words can not describe how great it was. She performed most of my favorite songs, and that’s saying something cause I like a lot of her not so popular songs like “The Roof” and “Fourth of July” but she did sneak a couple in there. Getting to the arena was another story entirely. First, traffic was a nightmare. Li and I were both coming from opposite ends of DC and we both hit the exact same traffic, passed each other, and then managed to find an event garage. That will be $20 American please and thanks.

So as I predicted my hair decided it was going to join the Swisha House Camp and get all chopped and screwed. That is the exact reason I wont be posting that super heinous face-too-close-to-the-camera photo that Li asked this guy to take of us at Jaleo. He probably set me up, seeing how he is a damn Cowboys fan! As a die hard Eagles Stan, I will make sure to throw batteries at him if and when next I catch him in the street. Needless to say, I do NOT look like that picture in real life, and I hope to never take one that disturbing again but Li looks nice though.

Anyway, we skipped Sean Paul and just went and ate…come to think of it, I never got my garlic shrimp. No matter, once we got inside there were all these signs with the “no pictures, no cameras, no camera phones” posted everywhere. I promptly informed Li that while I love her like a sister, she would be going to jail alone if they caught her with the camera. So midway into the second wardrobe change, Ms. Carey took to the center stage and I shit you not she was about 10 feet from me. Here’s the proof.

That was right about the time these two little idiots came walking across my chairs in an effort to get closer to the stage. Now, as an official Mariah fan of the highest order, I understand the need to get closer to your idol. I don’t however understand the need to block my $200 view. After Li yanked the head idiot down off her chair, we were promptly informed that “She paid more for her tickets” and “she had a right to be there”.

Well Holly Hobbie had no idea who she was fuckin with apparently. She had already managed to piss off about 20 people as she stepped on and over them getting to my damn seat and now she wanted to get between me and my concert? I think not honey. Long story short, after getting cussed out, and having security called on her, and having a husband and wife behind me get ready to stomp the shit out of her, she finally went back to her seat, but it was obvious to me, that the bitch wanted to test me because she kept looking in my direction. As if by mental telepathy, the wife behind me, and I said at the exact same time, “I’mma get that bitch when we leave”.

Well the rest of the concert went smoothly, and when the house lights came up, Holly Hobbie got on her magic rocking horse and got the fuck out of Dodge. I’ve never seen anyone one vacate so fast, which was smart on her part, because she had pissed off a handful of gay men who were plotting to “snatch her bald.” You do not wanna get between a gay man and Mariah!
So the night ended well, and we had a ball, and I dragged my sorry butt home tired and happy.

MAC Makeover

Fast forward to Saturday, where I finally got a chance to check out MAC Gloss. Ladies, unless you have always wanted skin the consistency of maple syrup then go right ahead and invest in MAC Gloss. Everyone else can just skip it. I went to the MAC store with my buddy Bmorecutie and we had the artists try out the Untamed pallets on us. I went with Take Wing and she went with Well Plumed. Both came out beautifully, but I had to let the girl know that I had someplace to be later that day and that “drag queen” wasn’t the look I was hoping to achieve.

She managed to work it into a natural looking state and she also suggested that if I was looking for “dewy” that maybe I needed to go with a good moisturizer like Studio Moisture Fix under Studio Tech applied with 109 Small Contour Brush and set with Select Sheer Pressed Powder. It was a very natural glow, but I really think she just put too much on me. You know, no matter how much you ask for natural, you always wind up with something between “The Birdcage” and Little Richard. I tried the look at home and it was a much better situation but then again I wasn’t attempting a land speed record for makeup application either.

My one ultra versatile MAC find of the day? Lipglass in Elaborate. When paired with Velvetella liner its beautiful. I didn’t get Velvetella, but I did pick up Elaborate. It’s a peachy gold that reminds me of Crystal Beach, but more refined. It’s a must have by itself or paired with a liner or over your favorite color.


The new H&M has opened in Columbia Mall, and I had a field day in there yesterday. Somehow I managed to forget that I had a $50 gift card laying around, but I put it to good use on a super cute sweater and a great dress. I don’t care what anyone says about that place, its trendy and its affordable, and if it doesn’t last, you aren’t crying over a pair of $25 slacks. Most of the tops in there are $13. I mean, how do you beat that? Sure, if I want something serious I will go over to Banana Republic and give them my paycheck and a pint of blood, but for quick, and affordable, yall can catch me at H&M. Sorry if that offends the clothing snobs, but single moms saving for houses don’t have throw away cash. I also had a left over gift card from Christmas that I put towards a new bag out of Macy’s. All and all it was a good weekend, Happy Monday!


themakeupgirl said...

They so wanted to snatch her bald!!! I had so much fun sis!!

Mikostinko said...

I am loving your blog. You write just how you talk, it's very entertaining. Two things - on the lighter side I love Ojan too! On the serious side I hope your health issues work out on the positive side. It's better to get all the info and deal with the facts then just hope it will go away.

Oh also I prefer this review of the MC show over the cleaner version told on the bus!