Friday, September 15, 2006


Got My Eight’s on But They Look Like Sixes, you wearing some 10’s But My Eight’s are Hittin! Okay okay enough channeling The Pack. I just wanted to comment on my amazing weightloss. Well less than amazing cause it required me to give up practically everything for two solid months. To be honest I am still not eating starches, dairy, white flour or sugar. I have it occasionally. Like yesterday I had a burrito bowl from Chipotle. Chicken with a smidgen of rice and mostly salsa and cheese. No sour cream please and thanks. I meant to post this yesterday when I slid into my size 8 Banana Republic slacks. I even had room to spare! It was real nice being back in my favorite slacks again.

Two weeks ago when “The Boyfriend’s” son came to visit us, I allowed myself to have the tiniest size Coldstone Creamery. It was heaven….I also didn’t sleep well and felt terrible all night long. It felt like I ate a brick and your girl was NOT a happy person behind it. My girl Tia had a very similar experience with a bowl of Angel Hair pasta a few weeks ago. She quickly retreated to the comfort of a salad. Said she wont ever attempt that again.

So it looks like I don’t have to throw out all my 8’s and start wearing a paper sack, big relief trust me. I haven’t been running though, cause I’ve mainly just been packing or attempting to pack in preparation for “Escape From The Ghetto 2006”. If I ever find the CD with all my old crap on it, its got a blog (or what I called then an online journal entry) about “Escape from the Ghetto 2001”. I might add “back to the suburbs” to this one, but hey who knows. Its funny because I really thought my old apartment was the shittiest and that I was actually upgrading to the one I am leaving now. Well, I gotta say, at least the old one didn’t have MS-13 lingering around my doorstep. I will dig for it tonight and see if I can entertain you all with the story of my move.

Its funny but I was clicking through my favorite blogs today and I watched a clip of some girls just involved in some general nonsense. Making up songs, and acting loud and wrong. Its weird but you can only really not give a fuck once in life, and its when you are young. There’s no one looking over your shoulder or giving you the evil eye, and frankly if they do, you don’t care. You are just happy and free and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you. My moment was being on the red line, after the fireworks with friends and singing the entire song “They Want EFX” by Das Efx. Sure we were flat out wrong for doing it, but it was fun and at the time I wasn’t thinking about how much I annoyed the other riders, I was just happy, in my cut off jean shorts and either Batman or Guess Jeans t-shirt. I always wore my bangs sprayed straight up and curled in what my mother referred to as “the waterfall”. My makeup situation started back then with a purse full of Lancôme products and Princess Marcella Borghese lipstick in Magenta. I was bummed when they discontinued it. I mean how was I supposed to look like Salt without the Magenta lipstick???

So do you remember your one free moment? Where you just didn’t care? Share with me, I am feeling nostalgic.


themakeupgirl said...

OMG GIRL NOT THE MAGENTA LIPSTICK!!!! Okay, I have two (that I can recall) The first was driving around in my 72 Camaro with my friend Susan yelling about how we got chocolat covered strawberries as big as my left breast...(lol I dont know if anyone heard us) Second was fast forward to college on the E train in NYC coming home from or going out to a club w/free cocktails and screaming like monkeys annoying each and every one of the passengers. Hey I figured if they could deal with the handicapped beggars they could deal with me...LOL

Mikostinko said...

I am sure there are others but lets go with the first one that comes to mind. Eighth grade, singing "Highway to Hell" at the top of our lungs through the halls of my jr high school with my best friend Theresa Siders. I know this drove everyone nuts and we were LOUD, if we got bored we would switch it up with "Jingle Bell Rock". Go figure. Wonder where Theresa is now, did she make it out of white trash hell or does she weigh 300 lbs chain smoking cigs...

rebelleBAP said...

I had lot in college. We were notorious for drunken road trips like from the Rock to Orangeburg which almost two hours knocking down Coronas all the way down not even knowing where we were staying or nothing when we got there.All we knew that there was party to go to shake our asses. We used also go up to UNCC and start mess with the Deltas up there.And get kick off the yard and banned from going back. And they would come down to WU and start with us and shut a party down that just started at 10:00 at 11:05. That was cycle for about two years. I was fighting chick in college. Me and J-boogie would drink til we were sober in the middle of the day and were still on the dean's list! Haven't had any "free" moments in long while.After I graduated me and crew had a party at my girl's apartment every night like she wasn't a school teacher and I did work in a call center 15 hrs a day.But It's good look back at the ones I had!