Thursday, September 07, 2006

Truly Yours, Your Biggest Fan...This is Stan (err I mean Avin)

In regard to my last post I want to thank you all for your kind words and support, sometimes its hard to put things into perspective.

I am feeling better today because I will be spending my evening in the company of none other than Miss Mariah Carey. I am so excited I could just burst! This is the first time I have ever gotten a chance to see her in concert, and in the move to solidify our impending marriage (no I am not engaged but that’s not important) “The Boyfriend” pulled of the score of the century and got me and themakeupgirl tickets to see her. Now these aren’t just any tickets. These are floor seats that are amazingly close. Like 7th row back from the stage! Sometimes that man is just amazing I tell ya.

We’ve decided on drinks at our favorite downtown spot before the actual concert. Sean Paul is opening for her, but I haven’t liked him since “Gimme the Light” so I don’t care if we miss him. I already figured out what I am wearing, and if my hair cooperates today, I wont have to do anything more drastic than to touch it up with the flat iron and be on my way. I plan to be oh so fabulous tonight, but I am not sure if that means I am going to wear a skirt or not. I mean I love my jeans but maybe this occasion means I need to step my game up.

I have heard that its supposed to rain, and that will not be a happy go lucky- ultra fabulous look for my hair. I am an add water instant afro kind of gal with a rack of natural curl that refuses to play fair on most occasions. I basically slathered it in Ojon and pressed it to death this morning, so hopefully no curls will appear out of no where and I wont be forced to do the hairclip bun thingy that says a hair fuck up has ensued.

I promise to report back with all the details of the concert. I will even be honest when it comes to how she really looks in that hot pants getup I have been seeing on the net so frequently. Although, as her biggest Stan I will probably lean towards the everything beautiful and perfect mark (sorry about that haters) and attempt unsuccessfully to recreate her looks with the help of Beverly Johnson…KIDDING only kidding.


themakeupgirl said...

Whooo Hooo!! Mariah here we come!

Aulelia said...

you girls are so lucky! i can feel this skin of mine turning green already. full report with details when you come back!

rebelleBAP said...

Now an evening with Mimi would definetly brighten my spirits! Hope you and makeupmama had fun!!

DotSpot said...

i hope you had fun! i know you were looking forward to it. please don't come back hoarse, and themakeupgirl deaf because you screamed in her ear like a 12 year old at a Chris Brown concert!