Friday, September 01, 2006

VMA Pictures

So last night I watched the VMA's while on the phone with Dia and themakeupgirl and I have to say that while it wasnt awful, it was sorta boring. Thats something I never figured the VMA's would be. They always pride themselves on being cutting edge, but this go round it was like they were working with a butter knife. I didnt intend on doing a whole VMA post until I realized that I can do screen captures on this computer. Something about having a ton of pictures of what I witnessed just seems to make me smile. It also makes this post pretty ambitious due to blogger being on its perpetual period. Anyway, here goes!

JT was good but the Sexy Back performance with Timberland was just okay, (I didnt realize Tim gained all that damn weight back! His suit was tight as shit)

TI and the lil kids were okay, but he had on the silliest looking hoodie.

Beyonce was better than okay but it looked like she was having issues with that trenchcoat/harness deal that dropped her out of the rafters. Once she got into the performance it went much better, but midway through she started channeling Janet Jackson circa Rhythm Nation. Then she had on some plastic hotpants that were just extra super tight. I mean I aint got that body so I guess someone with it oughta work it.

Luda and Pharell were boring and I thought they brought enough stray no taent ass with them, but I guess I was wrong, cause the Pussycat whores performed with themwere boring too. I mean, I couldnt figure out what was going on last night. Maybe cause Jack Black was acting so over the top.

Some folks I was just puzzled by. Lil Kim looked normal and clothed! Andre 3000 had on some conac colored riding boots that I swear I owned back in 9th grade and Ciara finally got her hairdresser to take a few bags out of her do.

Pink looked amazingly polished and pretty, and she didnt even take the opportunity to go on Nicole Richie who presented her with the award for Stupid Girls. Other than that, the program was just your standard award show.

Hype Williams got the Video Vangard award which I thought he deserved, but I swear when he came out on stage I didnt know who the hell he was. He must be on Oprah's bootcamp too.

Old Hype

New Hype

Chris "Welcome to McDonalds" Brown
Christina A.
Jessica Simpson

Rhianna & Neyo
Missy cant stand the rain
50 & LL just silly

Bey, Jay & Slim


Aulelia said...

sometimes i hate have british mtv coz we have to wait a day after the americans to watch it... so was it about average then? i just want to see what beyonce's performance was like and justin ''i'm so different but such a clone'' timberlake so i can cuss him out lol.

Avin said...

It was less exciting than in previous years IMO, but I think Beyonce did a good job and Ok Go was excellent.

Toya said...

It was really unexciting. I was disappointed. I *did*, however, howl with laughter for a good 5 minutes after I saw Missy get busted in the head with one of her dancers' umbrellas.

Avin said...

Toya - I was like "oh damn" when Missy got hit in the head. I just knew she was gonna drive that PowerWheels Jeep off the stage!