Thursday, September 14, 2006

Clothing Optional

For those who still think Tittygate was really a “Wardrobe Malfunction, and that somehow Janet got thrown under the bus, I submit to you exhibit A.

Second single video w/ dirty ass Khia

Yeah Janet, I can see you’re excited. I mean your damn clothes keep falling off every 3rd cut. Oh hell who am I kidding, this is like exhibit P or Q by now. Janet’s nekkid ass been all over every publication in the country for months now. Personally I am sick of her talking about being freaky with the micro midget. I am also extra sick of her and this “nasty girl” image. I mean obviously she likes her sex, and apparently she likes it with midgets, but damn, can someone cut me a Janet break already?? I don’t need to know all these things about her personal life, and I damn sure don’t need to see the infamous nipple trying desperately for the last of its 15 minutes of fame. Put it away Penny Woods, just put it away. Anyway, I am happy to see they relegated Khia’s involvement to being on a random ass TV in the background. Looks like either Janet or the lollipop guild took a moment from their hectic sex schedule to actually think that one through.

Speaking of Tittygate, Justin’s CD is the beast. I am loving it *circa Justin does McDonalds 2004* and I don’t care what anyone says. Justin is my homeboy from now on. I am not elevating his ass to Stan status yet, but I am pleased with the result of Future Sex/Love sounds. That kid aims to please…which he goes into detail about. I had to rewind track 9 cause I really thought I was hearing things. I wont get into what I thought I heard but if you listen careful after the first chorus, um…let just say he went there with it. Whewww is it hot in here?? Anyway, that’s it for me, lunch is over and well, like Rick Ross says “Everyday I’m Hustlin.”

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DotSpot said...

i'm tired of Janet, she can't sing worth a damn! let me repeat that JANET DAMITA JO JACKSON CAN NOT SING WORTH A DAMN! did ya'll hear me? she and her boyfriend who's shorter than my 9 year old need to sit down. JT is the! i have to get that cd! i'm glad he didn't let the always naked and sexual Janet ruin his career!