Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shine On

So last Friday we had a half day here at the office, and I took the opportunity to go to the salon and straighten out this mess on my head. I typically go more frequently than I have been going in recent months, but I am having to save money for my move, so I don’t have a whole lot of extra cash to toss around.

I love my hairdresser, but I hate her shop and I hate the folks she has working there. They are a rag-tag bunch of 20 something’s all talking shit about anyone and anything in Spanish. It’s a damn good thing I know Spanish so well, or I would miss half of the conversations in that place and sometimes they are pretty fucking entertaining. Anyway, these are some rush-rush gossip bitches that are prone to leave a perm on too long or you under the dryer and forget your ass. They also will blow your hair out within an inch of its life, which is why I don’t really fuck with them like that. I only deal with Ana, and that’s it. I gotta pay too much money to come out looking set up cause Carmen and them were discussing who’s CD they like better.

Anyway, my hair looks great as usual. You really cant beat a Dominican place for smooth silky hair. They will really lay it down for you. Back to my original reason for posting this. While I was under the drying frying in a set of the biggest rollers god every created, I was reading the new Glamour Magazine and you know what, they say that the new fall trend isn’t that Matte, shine free face we’ve all been trying to achieve for years with powders and blotting papers. No my friends, the new trend is dewy/glossy. See, this is where I get concerned because I am an oily gal to begin with, so putting anything else on my face that might make me look like I was in a freak chicken frying accident cant be good.

The only reason I am reserving judgment is because I do like that dewy but not melty look on other girls when I see it. I always think how hard that must be to achieve. Well lo and behold! My favorite friend has created a multipurpose clear gloss that can be used anywhere on the face or body to create shine. Still skeptical? Yeah, me too, so I am going to go give it a test run this Saturday at the MAC counter and report back. I’ll let you know whether or not this is a dewy dream or an oily disaster.


Aulelia said...

* at least your experience with salons is good (remember my stretch marks story)! i have been to puerto rican salons b4 in the states but they were SO OVER PRICED and completely jacked up my younger sister's hair. we were not converted. so i just look for either jamaican, black american or african places whenever i am in the states. as for england, the african salons here are jokes -- if they know that u aren't from their country, be assured that you SHALL be the topic of conversation...(lol)

*this dewy thing > i am definitely a sceptic -- won't it make us black girls look kind of...like we smeared vaseline all over our faces?

Avin said...

Ive never been to a Puerto Rican salon, only Dominican. They tend to be closer to blacks in features and hairtype. Their prices are pretty reasonable too. 40 for a wash & set is pretty decent these days. The Africans dont even fool with us here. I havent had much luck with Africans on the whole, but that might be me. Who knows??

I promise to let you know about the MAC Gloss. There is a very fine line between dewy and just plain oily.

Aulelia said...

well, as you know, i am an african girl and i can definitely vouch for saying african women are very...actually there isn't even a word. most of them who have recently immigrated to do hair or whatever are really stuck up (from what i see here) and if you seem 2 do your own thing or are not bothered about hype or gossip, they WILL try and bring you down like bricks. just as long as they don't bring that to me, it's fine!

the puerto rican people had some african american hairdressers but they just messed up my sister's hair. needless 2 say she was not impressed with me.

the jamaican salons are very good in england but they seem to have 'africadar' and when some yardies see us, they are at first sceptical thinking that we are arrogant but man, i am all about having a nice crown of hair on my head!!

Avin said...

You should come to Washington DC! As for the African girls here, it really varies.

My soon to be inlaws are African but they have been here most of their lives. They recently went home for the funeral of their father a prominent doctor in Kenya, they were treated pretty poorly. Their American husbands were not well received and I guess neither were they. I think it really hurt them.

I have actually been told to my face by an African woman that black American women are lazy and stupid, and thats why we arent respected. I think thats extreme and hopefully not a widely held opinion.

Its very strange for such a diverse little city, you would think there would be more harmony.