Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oprah’s (modified) Bootcamp Day 10

Believe it or not I haven’t had one bite of refined sugars, starch or flour in 10 whole days. Let me tell you, life is real different. Lets first start with the food shall we? The first few days I struggled to find actual food to eat. Let’s face it when every meal you eat contains starch, or carbs its difficult to figure out what you should be eating instead.

Most days this is my food situation:

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, bacon or low fat ham, banana
Lunch: Tuna/Chicken on salad with lemon juice dressing. Two slices of cheese and a nectarine.
Snack: 4 pepperoni slices, handful of almonds (not roasted)
Dinner: Salmon/Chicken, Veggies

And even though I clowned Ms. Sophia about her tea thing, I’ve been drinking chamomile tea with sliced ginger about an hour before bed and it seems to really stave off the hunger.

I did have to modify the diet a bit though. I have low blood sugar, which can really wreck my day if I don’t have enough glucose in my system. So I don’t adhere to the two fruit rule. I eat a banana usually before I go work out or if I feel weak or low, I will eat a plum. I cant expect fast results from a carrot, and I cant chance passing out at work or behind the wheel. So far it doesn’t seem to have affected my results, which is great.

The workouts however are another story entirely. I don’t know where Oprah is getting all this time to work out, but my life is a touch too busy to be running around sweating every 5 min. Some mornings I can get to the treadmill and some mornings I cant if I have to be at work early. Some nights I can get there, but not if my son or my mom need me to do something. I can barely fit 4 workouts in a week, let alone 8. I still say she is hittin the pipe on that one.

So what have I lost? Well, I am not altogether sure since I don’t believe in scales.
I measured myself on the 23rd and again on the 29th. I have lost an entire inch off my waist, and thighs and hips. Yesterday, my pants slid on, and today the shirt I couldn’t get my arms in without doing some serious damage to my circulatory system went on with ease and I have room. So folks, I am surviving and feeling great I might add. Oh and bonus, my skin is beautiful and clear. My hair is shiny and pretty and I feel like a million bucks.

Last but not least, I managed to turn down the one thing that I believed impossible to turn down, Coldstone. My son wanted some last night after being stuck with his hillbilly daddy, his wife with their dirty ass kids for a month. Poor child only ate McDonald’s from what I understand. I wasn’t all that shocked really, the wife makes Jamie Pressley’s role on “My Name Is Earl” look refined and classy. This is the same bitch who spent 3 hours spouting off about how she cooks every night and how she makes everyone eat their veggies. My son has complained about her "vittles" on several occasions, and mentioned that she cooks infrequently.

I knew that shit she was talkin was a lie cause if she ever tried to make HickBill Squarehead eat a vegetable it would go something like this. “You raggedy bitch, I taint eating that shit, go fix me a steak woman!” Then he would motion like he was gonna knock her into next week, throw in something about one of the young’uns playing out in the mud puddle and how she needed to hurry up and birth that baby so she would stop cryin all the time and get back to serving his Pabst ice cold like told her to, True Story.

Anyway, my son who is a gorgeous tall (5’9) healthy 13 year old boy, came back here all emaciated. Like I can feel his bones! I am guessing there was only so much “chow” to go around in a house with 5 kids, two adults and a bun in the oven. My son is spoiled, I know this, however he also gets 3 good meals a day, and healthy snacks. Seeing him 10 lbs lighter pissed me the fuck off among other things but I wont get into now. So I took my sweet boy to Coldstone, and I Ms. Avin, didn’t eat one single bite. Nor did I ask to lick the cup or his fingers. I am winning damn it! Avin 1 Coldstone 0!


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Nichelle said...

I'll be thinking about you when I avoid the Coldstone in Times Square tomorrow!

Glib Gurl said...

Wow - This is inspiring me! I've wanted to give Oprah's bootcamp a try, but I'm just too afraid to say no to the white stuff. Congrats!

Avin said...

makeupgirl - Thanks girlie you know I am trying hard.

nichelle - that is my one true weakness and probably the hardest to turn down.

Glib - Girl, It hasnt been easy, but just seeing any results has been well worth it. Its the only thing thats kept me on track.