Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why I Love Them - An Ode to Project Runway

I haven't made mention of who I am rooting for on Project Runway until now, but that’s because I have been slyly admiring them for the entire season, and I didn’t want my overall opinion of them to color whether or not I felt they were worthy of the title. My choice? Michael

He seems to be the most innovative of all the designers (even though I hated that seersucker cargo pant thingy last night) and he obviously has the skill. I love everything he's designed so far (barring the damn pants) and I really think he has a clear shot at the title. Now, that being said, he has zero personality. Unless you count that "teach Kayne to work the runway" thingy he was doing last night. Other than that he has a few funny quips and a very dry deliberate delivery. Maybe its the Atlanta "I'm southern" thing, who knows. Oh, and his tooth disturbs me, other than that, I think he can win it.

Who I love on the show, but I doubt will win is Laura Bennett. Laura is the funniest person I’ve seen on TV in years. She is so quick with her wit and sarcasm, if you weren’t paying attention (or were just brain dead) you would totally miss it. Here is why I think she is so hilarious.

In reference to the ongoing Jeffery hates Angela's mom squabble:

"it's a one day challenge and we don't have time to dick around with everyone's personal problems".

When picking fabrics at Mood:

"my choice is so tasteful compared to you guys"

On why she never dresses down:

"because with five kids it's a slippery slope into sweatpants and a minivan"

When explaining Angela's style and what specifically she and Michael hoped to get toned down:

"full-tilt boogie Angela extravaganza of puff that she's usually working with"

When the cast discovers that is pregnant with her 6th child:

"I'll just throw it on the pile with the others"

I just love her. There is just very little filter there and I have to respect that. Even when she is being totally serious there is such a snide edge to it. I so appreciate her presence on this show. I hope when I get to be 42 (minus 5 of the 6 kids) I will be half as bold and 3/4's that sarcastic about life. Laura, I salute you!


rebelleBAP said...

I said to my mom last night that when Michael wins he gots to get those teeth fixed.The boy is fierce!

Toya said...

Yeah, when you get your first check, fix dem teefs, Michael!

That said - I loved his seersucker cargo pants. I thought they were the hotness. He's my pick to win it.