Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So Much for Double Duty

Ehhh so I am lazy or busy, something. I dont know but trying to post both Rescue Me's recap (which wasnt the season finale btw) and that MAC review was just too much for lil old me.
I am ambitious and all, but frankly between work and trying to keep certian folks from driving me nuts (i.e. Porkrind) I cant get shit done. I even screwed up a project cause she kept interrupting my ass. WTF go back to eating and playing on your IM. Leave me the fuck alone already.

So, the MAC event was fun, but I wish I had invited Ashburnite. I was in VA and I dont know a soul except themakeupgirl who would have wanted to attend out there. I was basically doing this on my own, and you know its always helpful to have someone come with you who will basically tell you if they got you painted up like a french whore. I get the distinct feeling she would let me know.

Stoli sponsored the event and its always nice to get free drinks, even if the waiters are all up in your personal space. There was a lemon one and a pomegrante one, but of course I didnt drink the lemon. The drinks were good but the Hors d'Vours were scary. Who pairs beans and ham on a cracker anyway?? Downgrade.

So, I didnt get into the drama that was occuring up and through that lil MAC store, or them ghetto bitches that wouldnt get the fuck outta my way so I could get to the damn displays. Big Bitch MOVE! Stop crowding the damn hallway already. You know that the MAC store aint bigger than a minute, and you and your homegirls are all in my way. Take your damn fruity drink, and your loud talk, and Keshia and Nay-Nay and move the hell on. Yall aint buying shit, yall just causing an issue and asking stupid questions.

Sometimes I hate the MAC store, cause its a damn free for all. Folks jockeying for position, and acting like they are the only ones in the store. Its small, its cramped and everyone wants an artist's attention. Dont even get me started on some of the artists. Its like they purposfully hire the most "thats so last season, I am so over it" bored children on the planet. They are too goth, too cool, too punk rock, A-town Stomp prettier than you are. Jesus, can I just get someone to help me round up the 50-11 products I am going to need?

I make it a practice never to jockey for position. Just wander and wait to see which one of the children will ask if I need anything. Its usually the nicest one of the crew that asks cause I go in understated. Seriously I dont dress up for the MAC counter. What the fuck for? I might wanna try some shit on, and my BBQ liner and Double Shot Lipstick with Blacktrack Dipdown and C6 foundation might fuck with the look the new shit is going to give me. I mean I am not going in there looking like vagrant, but fuck its the MAC counter lets get this shit into perspective.

I think thats half the reason I am not approached quickly in there. I dont need to look like Beyonce when I shop. I am not going to a red carpet even, its the damn mall. Anyway, whomever is lucky enough (smart enough) to ask if I need anything usually just scored because I NEVER leave without at least $100 in MAC. Then the lil bored and saltys want to be upset because Andrea just sold me the entire new line, and Tee Tee only wanted a lipgloss.

Rule number one, never assume someone doesnt have money. Its a mistake of the highest order. My mother NEVER dresses up either, its not her style, but dont let the smooth taste fool you, if she wants she will really march into Niemans and buy herself a new David Yurman ring on a whim. Regular ass day, momma plunks down 2k for a ring she thinks is "pretty".

Ive seen bitch ass sales women leave the counter when she walks up, thinking "this N cant afford this" and I just laugh. If old saleslady girl was checking, she woulda seen the 10k diamond my mom was rocking, or the uncut emerald she had custom made. Got herself all thrown off by the Target capris and Chico's top and lost a big sale. Oh well.

So for the most part the night was great and I didnt wind up having to fight Keisha or Nay-Nay which was good cause I didnt have on the proper footwear for all that.

Catch yall tomorrow, maybe I will have a little more inititave and tell yall about my fantastic weight loss!


Ashburnite said...

I would have loved to have gone. And the salesgirls always ignore me as well- like you, I don't dress up. Too bad for them, cuz I can spend a fortune there. Same with Sephora and Ulta. The salesgirl that's smart enough to come up to help me usually gets all the commissions.

Aulelia said...

do you think MAC has become too mainstream ? lol, i dont mean to sound elitist but i get what u mean from your post about the women who just hoard and aren't there really to absorb it except get freebies.

Avin said...

ash - Next time there is an event out there I promise to get you on board. Why the hell do some folks in those stores get all the attention? I mean I am a mom but damn I dont look 50! I am still really young and pretty together IMO. I guess I am just not bored or mysterious enough to get some help.

Auleila - I used to hate MAC back when it first came out, because everyone came out looking washed in the matte machine. They only got my attention when their colors and finishes started changing. I think it became mainstream when they started popping up all over town. I personally love their products, but I dont buy them just to say I wear MAC, I buy them because they work on me. PLEASE tell me what is with folks asking for discounts and freebies!!! Its not Sephora where you get a little sample with your purchase. You cant ask the salesgirl for an extra lip conditioner!!! That makes me so mad.

Aulelia said...

lol, I think it has a lot 2 do with the fact that people are such takers takers takers! i think freebies almost kinda cheapens it to an extent.

what other brands do u like? i am boycotting fashion fair. sounds mean but the women at the counter are like the skin-tone brigade > they love making it seem like every chick is darker than them. well thats how it is like in england! MAC is industrious and Im all about things lasting, not gorgeous packaging.

I like Benefit (not the makeup but the skincare products), Stila (lips) and loads more that I have just forgotten.

Avin said...

You know thats funny about Fashion Fair. I dont mess with them at all! They made me feel like I was too light and bright to wear black peoples cosmetics. I mean I find that shit to be super rude.

I used to be a huge devoted fan of all Anna Sui lip products especially the lip gels. Then they dissapeared from everywhere but Online. I hate online cosmetics shopping unless I know exactly how a product already looks, works, etc.

I like Bobbi Brown, and I was a Lancome devotee for most of my young years. I also like Stila for lip and eye.