Friday, August 11, 2006

Virginia is for Hustlers...At least thats what The Clipse says

I am off to Virginia Beach with my son and his cousin this weekend. Mom is coming too, but she is only going down to ditch me for her best friend Pat. I guess it could be worse, I could be stuck riding without her in a car with two 13 year olds yacking about what a great singer/dancer that Chris Brown boy is and which of them is going to beat the other at some random Playstation game.

I promised that I would take them down before school started back up. So far all I have worked out is that we are going to the beach one day and Busch Gardens the next. I think that’s enough for a pair of teenage boys. I'll be back Monday, hopefully tanner and probably significantly lighter in the pockets. Thirteen year olds eat like someone is about to snatch it from them.

Enjoy your weekends! I am sure I'll have some nonsense to report about when I get back.

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