Thursday, August 03, 2006

Recap Blahhhs


I don’t know, I just wasn’t feeling either of last nights shows. They both seemed super boring and predictable. Its down to the final six couples on So You Think You Can Dance, and you would think the show would be at a fever pitch. Sadly that’s just not the case. Even Project Runway’s promo’s from last week held the promise of drama, but even that was just ho-hum in my opinion. Well, anyway here we go, and trust me its going to be brief.

Ivan and Natalie – They started with a snore of a jive. I wasn’t really paying it much attention. Then they moved on to the worst contemporary number I have ever seen. It was extra super weak and silly. I felt like the choreographer really let them down. Oh and Mia Michaels flat out called Natalie fake. Nice, that’s gotta build a girls self esteem. I wonder how she would feel if someone called her fat and bald headed? Cause she is. Natalie’s solo was a sore too. It seems like she is repeating the same moves over and over. Ivans was actually great this week, but I don’t think its going to save him.

Donyelle and Benji – Broadway number was just okay, and their hip-hop number was awful. The judges liked it, but they spent so much time running around the stage it seemed like they were bound to fuck up. Thanks to Shane Sparks and his “amazingly” shitty choreography, these two looked spastic, and the dance looked forced. In solo’s Benji worked it out, but finished on a very girly looking move, and Donyelle just seemed to throw herself about to “And I am telling you” from Dreamgirls. I don’t even know if she had planned that number.

Travis and Heidi – They started with a waltz that for some reason even Mary Murphy didn’t hate. I gotta admit it was pretty, but boring as all hell. I went to go get more water during the number, and most times I don’t even bother to move. Then there was the weak attempt at African dance, though it probably could have been better if that namby-pamby weak ass Wade “My own dance show sucked” Robson hadnt created it. I cant even get into how many ways I hate this dude, but for his Michael Jackson copying ass to create anything “African” is comical, and they looked comical doing it. Best performance of the night my ass! They must all want a turn suckin Wades dick or something, cause they were all full of kissy faced love for that clown. Anyway, Travis did his spinny solo as usual and Heidi did the same Rhumba/Salsa she always does too.

My going home prediction: Natalie and Ivan

Project Runway

Biggest build up and let down of the summer. They spent the whole pre-season saying that someone is getting kicked off, but when the time came to give them the boot it was just stale and boring, and not even a really scandalous reason. I was thinking, stolen designs or tampering with a competitors sewing machine, or fighting, stabbing or fucking in the work room. Something, anything! Anyway I will update that tomorrow. I just don’t have the energy today.

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