Thursday, August 17, 2006

What In The Rear Naked Choke Is Going On???

Wow, talk about UFC news. Pink is the New Blog has a picture of none other than our dear Tito Ortiz and Jenna "I was married now I am dating Dave Navarro or am I?" Jamieson from her MySpace page.

"Pink reader Becky sends in this photo of Jenna Jameson lookin' pretty chummy with Ultimate Fighting Champ Tito Ortiz that was briefly posted to Jenna's My Space profile:"

Kind of interesting, I mean dont you have to be int he dark for that type of green "Paris Hilton-esque" exposure to happen? I wonder if they were lying down.

Honestly I cant be mad at either of them. Jenna is a very rich woman and I damn sure wouldnt turn Tito away on a cold night. So who the hell is Dave Navarro seeing???

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