Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Last Shot At The Title? How Siced Am I???

So after waiting all damn summer for the new season of The Ultimate Fighter to return, it is finally here!

I am more than excited at the prospect of watching a new Forrest Griffen, Kenny Florian, Keith Jardine, Ed Herman or Mike Bisping. But really? I would be ecstatic if there were another Kendall Grove type. I love me some Kendall Grove.

The sexiest 6'5 Hawaiian I have EVER laid eyes on (he's also the only 6'5 Hawaiian Ive ever seen so that helps) oh and did I mention he kicks ass like no body's business? Last season Kendall demolished every contender that came his way. He even beat Ed Herman who still got a contract. The Herman kid is a brawler and not called "short fuse" for no reason but I dont typically have love for redheads. Back to Kendall, who is now living and training at Big Bear with Tito Ortiz. He is just as good as it gets in my opinion.

Note the tattoos fellas, they arent your garden variety bullshit either. These are damn good creative well thought about tatoos damn it. Not a Laugh Now Cry Later to be found on this man, no siree! Just thinking about him makes me sweat...nevermind let me get back to business.

These guys here are the future big swinging dicks of the UFC or the future embarrassments. Need I remind anyone of Rory's pitiful ass exit last season where his girlfriend called him home? Come on dog! This is the UFC for god sakes. You can get your ass kicked around the octogon for 3 min and never shed a tear but your girl calls and suddenly you bitch up and go home?

In any event I will be giving the new T.U.F 4 season episode recaps, much to the dismay of many of my girls who come here looking for either cosmetics tips or rants. I love yall, I promise, and I will continue to keep up with Project Runway and any and all wonderful cosmetics I come across in additon to the regular rant but ladies, UFC is near and dear to my heart. Besides, what other time can you openly drool over other men with your man in the room???

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