Friday, August 25, 2006

Updates!! Get Your Updates!

Yes its Friday, and its time for The Ultimate Fighter 4 recap! Yayyy I know you ladies are so excited. I promise to only do this once a week cause I know you guys don’t care, but the guys…they care trust me, Siteminder says so.

First, I want to tell everyone how much I appreciate you guys thinking about me yesterday. I am dealing with a health condition that could have pretty dire results that I have no control over. I can only pray about it, so I welcome extra prayers and well wishes.

Second, the diet. I clowned Oprah the first time I saw the Bootcamp rules, but seriously there is something to this. This Monday I officially made it 4 weeks without any carbs, starches or refined sugars. This is the toughest thing I have ever done hands down, and I am pleased to report that I am down a full size and a half. My 8’s are tight, but I can get them on. The tens are loose, and I am wearing clothing I haven’t had on in two years. The workouts have been tough to keep up with and I assume if I were working out as much as she suggested I would be in an 8 by now.

Its weird, people in the office are starting to ask me what the hell I am doing to loose all this weight. I am really pleased with the results and even though Oprah suggests slowly adding back some brown rice and wheat flour, I cant seem to bring myself to do it. I’ve been too siced about my pants fitting to care about adding back sugar and flour. So my reward for going a whole month without the “White Stuff” was a cupcake from Cakelove in downtown Silver Spring. $3 that cupcake was, and let me tell you, it tasted like 1 million bucks. I ate that cupcake for 20 min and the paper was clean. I didn’t miss one crumb!

So, themakeupgirl, DiaBrillante, and my girl Tia from my old job all created “No White Stuff” where we can trade stories and struggles and recipes as well as vent about unsupportive family members. They are all two weeks behind me, but just as determined. Everyone is starting to feel a little give in their clothing, and it can only get better from here! My guess is I’ve dumped about 15 lbs. Sure this was harder than quitting smoking after 16 years, but like the saying goes “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”.

TUF Episode 2

Last night I witnessed probably the bloodiest fight I have EVER seen in life between Gideon Ray and Edwin DeWees. Seriously, I am not a squeamish girl, but I actually turned away a few times. It basically went like this. Gray team gained control after Shonie Carter beat Rich Clementi last week. Dana White (President of the UFC) decided he was keeping the losers in the house, so Clementi gets to stay.

I don’t know what happened between fight night and the next day but blue team Charles McCarthy starts wild’n out about being picked next and starts harassing the gray team about it. When time comes for the pick, Shonie Carter sings “Charles McCarthyyyyyy its not YOUUUUUUU”. Except McCarthy decides to step forward like a nut case. Shonie says again that its NOT YOUUUU, but McCarthy’s crazy ass just stands there looking foolish. Shonie chose 32 year old Gideon Ray to go up against Edwin “Baby Face” DeWees for this weeks fight. Later both teams clown the shit out of McCarthy for acting an ass. He seems embarrassed but it doesn’t stop him from flapping his gums about it. Personally I cant wait to see this fool get his ass whipped. Stop being so eager for your beat down McCarthy.

That day, the blue team decided they were taking a “day off” from training and let me tell you George St. Pierre was not a happy guy. He flat out called them lazy and unwilling to work. (French accent here) “ze ah la-zee, zee vet er ahhns, zeh don’t want to wurrk” Reminds me of my friend Genevieve’s old boss at CafĂ© Normandy “Gene- Vieve! Yu ahh late! Du you want to be fih-herd!!! Seriously though they shoulda put in some sort of training time instead of laying around the octagon looking crazy.

Anyway, both guys have 0-2 records in the UFC despite having fought in countless other fights. Gideon got a bad cut in his first fight and the doc called the fight. Second time, he was basically getting his ass whipped because he underestimated his opponent.

DeWees who is 23 and looks 16 had his first fight against Rich Franklin. He fought his ass off but the ref saw it differently and stopped the fight. Second fight was with Chris Leben and though he started strong, Leben got the submission. Franklin and Leben are two of the most dangerous men in the UFC and basically losing to those two doesn’t really say much. Its not like you lost to some bottom circuit loser, you lost to two of the greatest.

Anyway, fight starts and DeWees is the aggressor, with Ray trying to fend off the attack. First round goes to DeWees. Second round starts and DeWees quickly gets Ray in a half guard. Ray is fending off the onslaught of punches when he throws a razor elbow uppercut to DeWees forehead and splits him. Basically this sets the tone for the rest of the evening. DeWees forehead is pouring blood like a faucet and he is bleeding so bad he is covering the wound with one hand and punching Ray with the other. The entire octagon is covered in blood, and the doctor takes a minute to assess the wound, and he decides that DeWees can continue the fight. Now personally, I woulda just checked the fuck out at that point. His head wasn’t dripping blood, it was pouring on to the canvas like a bottle of syrup. Fuck I just knew the kid was a goner at that point, but round two ended and Dana comes out and says it’s a draw at this point and they are going for round 3.

Kids face is still pouring and now Ray is covered in it. Kids hair is bright red and they are still pummeling the shit out of each other. Round ends with a decision, and low and behold DeWees pulls it out. Un-fuckin-believable! I half expected that kid to pass out, I know he lost more than a pint of blood behind that cut. Anyway, there was little discussion afterwards other than Ray saying that the fight should have been stopped behind that cut. I am inclined to agree, but the kid clearly didn’t let it fuck with him too much.
Anyway next week it looks like Matt Serra is going to have issues with a new trainer they are bringing in. I like Matt, I think he is a good dude, so I probably wont care for this guy either.

Have a great weekend folks!


Aulelia said...

You are so brave dumping carbohydrates! Whenever I try, I am just too embarrassing because after a day, I just need to return to the good old warm piece of toast.

but I love that quote - “Nothing tastes as good as thin looks”.

Where do you get the willpower?

Avin said...

Girl I got the willpower from looking at this picture of myself where I am wider than the boyfriend. Its the worst picture ever. I look like I am smuggling donuts under my dress.

Aulelia said...

but seriously, how do u do it? i am convinced there must be a certain ''thing'' inside women that is just naturally attracted to carbs and flour and sugar etc. i was in a supermarket today and it is a carb conspiracy in there with all those cakes etc -- lol, corporate suits probably love me coz i can't resist it.

so with the weight loss, do you exercise in addition? yesterday was at the salon and the woman doin my braids was so feisty! her and her friends were chatting about how fat they were etc and i was saying when i was like 14, i was very very big. and then the hair girl said ''yeah, you should be careful now because if you start to eat more, you'll gain it back and i can see that from your stretch marks that you were kinda big'' (!!!!)

I was lol...very surprised! That woman was damn BOLD. She doesn't know me and nor do I her yet felt completely free 2 say that. I wasn't offended as such (well I was just too shocked at her boldness). Then I asked her how she could tell about my stretch marks and she said she saw them when I bent over to pick something up.

Weight is never a great topic clearly to talk about. I felt uncomfortable but she just finished the hair and I went home...

Avin said...

Wow okay see, this is what I mean. You are talking about me and willpower with food but had that lady started pointing out my stretchmarks there would be NO WAY for me to hold my tongue. LOL

I agree that women are predisposed to carbs and sugar. Its in our chemical make up and trust me the corporate suits know it. I think this go round it was different for me because I am just sooo very embarrased by my weight gain.

Before I was okay with a few curves or some extra meat, but once it became difficult to breathe in my work clothing, I was just ashamed. I am typically a little uncomfortable with my body even at its best, but to see myself struggle to wear the very biggest things in my closet was just too much for me.

The workouts have been difficult to maintain, but I try. I am in the process of moving, and preparing my son for school and working out has just taken a back seat. I am convinced that anyone could do this, provided they disliked what they saw in the mirror enough. Oh and lacked the money to buy new clothing like I do. After you re-stitch the crotch of the same pants 3 times because you split them, it gets easier to consider this me.