Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not So Beautiful

I am going to apologize up front for how angry this is going to sound, but make no mistake I am angry. This needs to be addressed and I don’t know if I am the right one to lead the charge, but

This month’s Essence magazine came in the mail and I finally sat down last night to thumb through it. So on the cover I see this:

*sidebar* Beyonce looks great of course

So, I already KNOW what they are getting ready to talk about. I don’t know where I heard it or how many years ago, but I’ve known for quite some time about this supposed secret sex destination for black men. They are talking about none other than Rio De Janiero.

Maybe it was all the videos with the black men in Rio, or maybe it was the ex-boyfriend of mine who seemed so amped to gather his closest friends and go 4 or 5 years ago, but I already knew the deal with Rio. If you don’t know, basically this is the head gasser capital of the free world. Any black man who is willing to spend the money can screw as many Brazilian women as he chooses in any quantity or fashion. They are traveling in droves to Rio in order to get their rocks off for a few hundred bucks. These guys are telling any dude who will listen too.

Apparently, it was always a popular destination for black men, but not until Snoop’s “Beautiful” video did tourism skyrocket. One guy in the article was discussing how all his boys go every year and how great and fantastic it is. The women are cheap, and there are plenty of them and they just love black American men. Since prostitution isn’t illegal down there, its pretty much a free for all. Does anyone see me warming up to a tirade yet? No? Well its coming…give it time.

The main reason given for these guys loving Rio so much is because the women basically cater to their every whim and need. These girls pamper and baby them, and give in to their every desire be it sexual or domestic. Cooking, massaging, two women, four women, you know basically anything goes and what man wouldn’t just love that. One guy said that he went for the purpose of getting everything his girl at home wont provide. “They let you be the man” he said. Another said that he enjoyed being able to sit in a bar surrounded by beautiful women who were willing to do whatever whenever for him, and he couldn’t do that in the states. One other man said that he went down for his bachelor party and had to rethink getting married. Ya'll ready? Good.

This is the sickest, the saddest and the most ridiculous shit I have ever in my whole life been witness to. The men that go to Rio are sad little children who need to have their hands held and be coddled. Words can not begin to convey how sickened I am by the notion that these men are doing this. I was having trouble even finishing my damn dinner, and I was so immediatly angry that I started to sweat. ANY MAN so obsessed with getting “special” treatment from some dirty Brazilian hookers is unsure of his manhood. PERIOD. If you need a bunch of foreign women to tell you how great and how amazing you are, then you really need to get your head examined. That is by far the most blatant form of low self esteem and frankly it makes me want to vomit.

Not that I dont appreciate Essence shedding light on the subject, but where is the fucking line between informing and advertising??? It was like they were selling time share points! All these personal accounts from tired ass men. From bus drivers to CEO's and travel agents. It was just appauling. WTF is Essence doing? These men cant handle having a women back home who would be strong or independent or have her own brain, so they go somewhere and they pay money to fuck women who are basically living in poverty and the only way for them to feed themselves and their families is to sell their bodies and pretend they like these men. They like your money, they do not like you. You are stupid and unreasonable if you believe that these women would ever want you for real if you didn’t either have money or a ticket out of Brazil.

I hate guys like this. They are the same dudes driving around town in BMW’s living in apartments or with their parents. Their priorities are all fucked up. I will get on the “why I’ll never date a guy driving a beamer” speech another time, but this needs to be addressed. How many of these guys going to fuck prostitutes are using condoms? How many of these low self esteem-Mike Jones motherfuckers are the prime reason we have issues in the black community. They say they don’t want women to be golddiggers, yet they compete with each other using BMW’s and Jewelry as a means to attract.

They say they don’t want a woman who is so independent that she won’t cater to them, but I don’t see any of them assholes offering to let their women be housewives. They love that money you make, but you need to be subservient not make more than they do. They want a woman who is sexual, but not too sexual then she is just a whore. Or not too little, cause then they can just find someone who will do what you wont. This black woman vs. black man shit is a product of their own doing. They use and abuse here at home and then do the same thing in Rio and call it a vacation.

You cant run around fucking women and dropping babies all over town and then want to marry a wholesome virgin. You cant want a big house and car and all sorts of shit but not be willing to either work for it or let your wife make more than you do. You absolutely cant expect a woman to work all day, come home and treat you like the damn children and fuck at your request and you ain't done shit but breathe! It doesn’t work that way, and my suggestion to any black American man, who feels like his lot in life is so terrible with his black American woman, then PLEASE by all means take your sorry, low self esteem having ass down to Brazil and move in with one of the hookers. The sooner we get rid of you dick measurers the better. You basically shit on everything that is the black family. You spit on the tireless hard work and support that the black woman has provided you since slavery all because we wont kiss your feet every five minutes. So please, for the love of god do us all a favor and get your ass to Brazil and don’t ever come back.

And for the record, any man of mine who even suggested that he alone, or with Craig and them, go to Rio is a fucking goner. There wont be any explanation, there wont be any tears or pleading. There will be him and his suitcase saying goodbye for good, and he best be moving there because I am just the type of bitch to set fire to all your shit once you go. I am as serious as cancer about that too, that’s the most disrespectful shit I’ve ever heard of next to fucking some bitch in my bed. As much as I truly and dearly with all my heart love my man and have searched for him for the last 9 years, one hint that he wants to go to Rio will have him single as fuck and his shit all out on the curb, trust and believe. I’ll never look back either, because it confirms that he is not the one for me. It confirms that he needs his ego stroked, and it confirms that he doesn’t give a fuck about himself as a man, let alone me as a woman.
WHEEEEWWWW that was rough huh? Well sometimes its like that.

So keep going to Rio folks, maybe someone will find you alluring and special there, because its obvious you just cant cut as a man here and yeah…I said it.


bmorecutie said...

I am with you on everything you said. But aren't perverts also going to Brazil to have sex with children? And these stupid assholes that think its a good idea to go there must not be listening to the fact HIV and AIDS is running just as wild there as those freaky ass women.
Sidebar - you know neighbor and his boys went there on a trip. Besides the fact that i think he is on the DL, I now think he has the bug too.

Avin said...

I didnt even get into the fact that a lot of men go there for transsexual sex and sex with children. Ughh its just foul, and I dont understand how people can behave that way and think its okay.

bmorecutie said...

They think that they will never be held accountable for their actions. But there will come a day.

Anonymous said...

Damn girl! I feel you on that. My ex always would talk about wanting to go there with his boys and now I know why.

Avin said...

Well I am just not sure why its okay with these dudes. I think its the most telling thing in the world to want to be involved in this. It says so much about ego and esteem.

Aulelia said...

girl, I agree with you too but I think it is all about black men and their insecurities. some woman here said that black men are terrified of their own colour and need to constantly have power. and that is definitely the case. they think they are spreading their seed...*rolls eyes* they are just contributing to the ills of society. not all black men but many...which is a shame because the image of the black woman and child is going to be forever distroyed

Avin said...

Wow Aulelia! I could not have said this better myself! You have exactly summed up everything about this that I wanted to say. And without having to resort to threats of violence I might add! One up on me.

Aulelia said...

cheers avin :)

resorting 2 violence can be a good thing though! men only understand strength i think so if they see it in a physical way, they'll know you mean business...

it is so sickening about those men using children as instruments for their own pleasure. but what is even scarier is that it is happening in many african countries too and prostitution in jamaica i heard is extremely high.

good thing on shedding the light avin about this because the media in the UK is only obsessed with showing how white girls in eastern europe are trafficked for sex.

has you heard about the emergence of ''black bamboo''?. that is what it is called in the UK when referring 2 white women sleeping with black men in the caribbean. there was a french film called ''heading south'' (vers le sud) that is very good..check it out.

Aulelia said...

oh yes and i was also informed by a friend that child prostitution is big in british guyana and that many black west indian males frequent there...disgusting.

Avin said...

This came from a guy on a message board I frequent.

***keep it real ... local broads don't have the same appeal as the Brazilian ones .. if you gonna cheat here it's gonna cost you more to keep the hoe quiet .. not to mention the sneaking around and deceiving ...

Brazil is a one stop shop. You wont have to worry about 6 degrees of separation ... no one you know is gonna run into over there .. and if they do they doing the same mess you are so they aint gonna rat you out ...

You can get yourself a bottle of viagra and buy chicks 2 and 3 at a time ... you can pick them up anywhere and everywhere you go and they make your black ass feel like a king ... what's better is when you wake up in the hotel the next morning and go tap one of the sluts your boy brought back to his room .. you dont even have to go out and pick a new one .. you can just keep swapping the ones you already have ...

So you can say that a dude can cheat right here ...but keep it real .. a dude cant cheat like THAT unless he's making millions in this country ... every nicca is a king in Brazil ...***

This just says it all doesnt it??

Aulelia said...

this is kinda off topic avin but i have tried 2 add u 2 my links list and blogger is f-ing up and doesnt republish my blog. have u been having problems with it?

am going to martinique in 2 weeks eek!

Nichelle said...

Yep, this an old story. I've always heard about black men going down to Brazil. And the ones I've heard about are the ones like you described - the ones that say they don’t want women to be golddiggers, yet they flash their money and BMW’s to attract women - only to complain about the golddiggers and how black women (and only black women) are "too materialistic."

Or the ones who say they don’t want a woman who is too independent to cater to them - but they ain't trying to make her a housewife.

And you've gotta love the guy that said "They let you be a man." Well of course fool - you're paying her! I'll bet your babymama would love to "let you be a man" too if you handled your business there!

I swear, insecurity is so unattractive. And expensive!

Avin said...

Auleila - I emailed you yesterday check your account.

Nichelle - They arent fooling a soul with this nonsense. I just think its appauling. Then they want to know why we are enjoying (and considering things like) movies like "Something New".

I want there to be some sort of accountability. Just cause you exploit women in another country doesnt make it okay.

beautyinbaltimore said...

I heard about this from a coworker about 2-3 years ago. I think it is a damm shame. Black men are so confused. So many of them have no identity. Instead they follow what they see on tv (50 cents and the rest of the sellouts).

beautyinbaltimore said...

Don't forget that some of the guys talked about hoe beautiful and MIXED looking the women are. I very rarely hear people challenging the black man's replusion to unmixed black women. Many don't like that most of us have hair that you can't easily run a comb through.

Anonymous said...

As a black man who has been to Rio and loved it buy the way, I want to challenge a lot of points being made here by people who have never been to Brazil:

1) Men are going down their to have sex with children: No brother in his right mind would do that. Its a well understood that is something you will get locked up for. No brother wants to get locked up in a Brazil prison. The brothers going down there usually have good jobs and are not looking to get in trouble. I had fun meeting and talking w/ many professional brothers down there.

2) All Black men go down there for sex: I went with 6 other men. Half of the group didn't touch any of the women. They wanted to experience the beauty of Brazil. They had girl friends and just enjoyed the attention from beuatiful women.

3) Prosititution: I would be absolutely lying to say this doesn't go on. But Brazil is culturally different from the states. Women being sexy and sexual is part of the culture down there. Women tried to sleep w/ me and my friends without any money being exchanged. They are just a lot more free when it comes to sex over there.

4) Black men are wanting to sleep w/ mixed looking women: Ok, the people writing this mess definetly haven't been to Brazil. Do you know how many Black women strait sisters w/ hair weaves are in Brazil. Brazil has a huge Black population. Black men like whatever have a tail pipe. Most of the guys in my group ended up talking and dealing w/ Black women (dark skinned).

5) Being in a frat and hanging out w/ guys all the time. What goes on in Brazil in no different from what goes on in the states.

6) If you have never been to Brazil (Rio), consider going. Its one of the most beautiful places on earth. You get to see how institionalized racism is. Dark skinned blacks have it much more difficult over there. They are largely absent from the economy.

I personally feel in love w/ the country. Yes the women are lovely, but the culture and the spirit of the people is something I just can't forget. The music, beaches, landscape, and culture is unbeliavable. Take the trip!

Avin said...

I just found that last comment lying around in the moderation section. I didnt even realize someone had posted it, but let me tell you what I think, since its there. WTF is this guy smoking? So you didnt fuck a prostitute, good for you, but dont make it seem like thats not what the draw is. That line about "no brother wants to go to jail???" There are more brothers in jail right now on bullshit than I could count, so save that. I am sure its a beautiful country, with rampant poverty and women willing to do anything for money to feed their children, families or get a ticket to the US. Wake up guy, we werent born yesterday, and them "professional" guys down there arent fooling me either. You wanna network? Join the congressional black caucus.